What Is the Best Way to Stop Drinking? 5 Options to Consider

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), over 14 million adults in the United States struggle with drinking.

Maybe you’re ready to stop drinking and reclaim your life. But what is the best way to stop drinking? After all, there are so many options.

Below, you’ll find five helpful suggestions, so make sure to keep reading. Your life may depend on it.

1. Seek Medical Supervision

Our bodies are capable of adapting to almost anything, even the toxins in alcohol. Over time, your body and brain may even become dependent on these toxins, which is how alcohol dependency occurs.

If you’re dependent on alcohol, quitting cold turkey can be quite dangerous and even fatal in some cases.

Instead, you should work with a medical expert to come up with a longterm strategy to help you stop drinking slowly.

2. Attend a Treatment Facility

Treatment facilities offer those with alcohol addiction a safe home away from home. These facilities are designed to minimize temptations and provide guided and structured care.

Rehab facilities aren’t just about getting sober, either. You’ll work with mental health and medical teams to establish healthier coping mechanisms so you can continue your sober lifestyle long after you leave.

3. Enroll in a Program

Whether you plan to head to a treatment facility or not, enrolling in a program can be a wonderful way to keep you honest and on the right path.

By far, the most well-known program for alcohol addiction is Alcoholics Anonymous. However, if AA isn’t your speed, that’s perfectly okay. There are plenty of recovering alcoholics who maintain their sobriety without ever stepping foot in an AA meeting.

There are plenty of other programs out there to teach you how to stop drinking such as webinars, books, online forums, and more.

4. Rely on Your Support Systems

Sobriety is all about accountability. Who better to keep you accountable than your friends and family?

Opening up to your loved ones about your alcohol addiction can be tough, but it’s worth it.

Work on getting comfortable being honest and candid with those special people in life. It can keep you sober, plus it’s a great way to rebuild any relationships that may have been damaged in the past.

5. Learn Your Temptation Triggers

Here’s the toughest part about recovering from alcoholism: that desire to drink never goes away. There will be days where it takes every ounce of willpower not to drink.

While there’s no way to avoid temptation entirely, you can focus on determining what triggers your desire to drink. Common examples include:

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Social situations
  • Boredom

Identifying these triggers can help you better understand your mental health. Next time you feel like you need to drink, take a deep breath, and ask yourself, “What about this situation makes me want to drink?”

What Is the Best Way to Stop Drinking?: Our Takeaways

Figuring out how to quit drinking is going to take some time. So what is the best way to stop drinking? Well, it depends on the individual.

What matters is that you give sobriety your all.

Be patient with yourself and aim to understand your mindset. Don’t be afraid to lean on those you love or even spend some time in a treatment facility. Best of luck on your journey, you’ve got this!

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