What Is Family Law? Simple Guide to What a Family Lawyer Can Do for You

What is family law?

If you’re asking this question, there’s a good chance you’ve recently learned that the family, as an institution, doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It’s recognized by law, which means everyone in your family has rights.

Professionals who practice family law are known as family attorneys. They are there to help you legally deal with family issues you might be facing.

In this article, we’re shedding light on the various issues or challenges a family lawyer can help you with.

Read on before you make that call!

Separation and Divorce

Let’s start with the fairly obvious: separation and divorce.

Unless you live under a rock, you certainly know that anyone who is going through a divorce needs to have a family lawyer in their corner. This is because most divorces are contested and messy.

So, if you’re planning to file for divorce or your spouse has recently stunned you by saying they want a divorce, you need to hire a family attorney. Even when the divorce is amicable and you’re both in agreement on all issues, it’s still essential to hire a family attorney. They’ll help you ensure nobody is violating your legal rights or stepping on your interests.

You also need to hire a lawyer when you’re looking to separate legally.

The Matter of Prenups

You’d be forgiven for thinking family attorneys spend most of their time working on divorce cases. That might be true, but they also work with couples who are looking to tie the knot.

If you’d love to enter into a prenuptial agreement before getting married, a family attorney is your guy. They’ll help you understand what you’re getting into and ensure the agreement meets the legal requirements.

You can also deposit your prenuptial agreement with your lawyer.

Domestic Abuse

About 8 million acts of domestic violence occur every year in the United States.

If you’re a victim of domestic abuse, you might be wondering whether to hire a lawyer or call the police. If the abuse is violent and you’ve been physically harmed, you definitely need to report to the police.

However, some cases of abuse don’t harm your physical being, so it can be difficult to present evidence to the police. In this case, you might need to hire a family lawyer.

A family attorney will counsel you and perhaps their advice will help you find effective ways to bring the violence to an end. In the event that you want to separate or file for divorce, your lawyer will inform you how the issue will affect you, especially with regard to child custody.

Child Adoption

Adopting a child is a multi-step process. If you’re not familiar with it, you might not know what to do. A family attorney is there to help you all the way and ensure successful adoption.

What Is Family Law? Now You Know

To this end, you now know the answer to your question: what is family law. Besides, you also know the various issues a family lawyer can help you resolve.

All the best and keep reading our blog for more insight.

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