What Are the Different Types of Rings That Are Worn Today?

Rings are a very commonly worn piece of jewelry, whether you have a cultural tradition you’re following or you just like the style.

But, how do you know what rings are popularly worn in today’s world? Luckily, we’ve got the 411.

Read on to learn all about the different types of rings.

Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings

Of course, some of the most popular types of rings worn today are those that signal your relationship status. If you’re buying an engagement ring for your partner, make sure that you know their tastes before you put your money down.

You know the two months salary rule, don’t you? Engagement rings tend to cost quite a bit of money, so it’s important to get it right. Start shopping and view ring collections ASAP. And, ensure that you know your partner’s ring size, so that the ring you choose actually fits them!

Once you actually march down the aisle, you’ll need wedding rings. But, these rings will need to fit both partners’ sense of style and coordinate with each other.

Claddaugh rings are another relationship-based ring type. It’s an Irish type of ring. You rotate it one way to show that you’re single, and one way to show that you’re in a relationship.

Cocktail Rings

Do you want to make an impression at the next party you go to? A cocktail party is one ideal fashion choice. These are basically statement jewelry pieces that catch the eye when you move your hands as you talk.

If you love to show off your manicure, a cocktail ring can bring more attention to it. You can pick rings that coordinate with your outfit or pick an outfit that coordinates with your cocktail ring. It all depends on your ring style choices!

Birthstone Rings

Are you a big fan of birthdays? Consider trying out a birthstone ring. You can use your own birthstone if you’re a fan of it. Or, you can use your children’s or partner’s birthstones to demonstrate your love for them.

Some months have more than one birthstone, too, so make sure that you know your birthstone options before you start shopping.

Stackable Rings

Do you like to wear a lot of jewelry at once? Stackable rings are the ticket. You can mix and match these rings to fit your mood and your style interests.

These rings tend to be skinnier and lighter so that they don’t take up as much room on your fingers and you can wear as many of them at once as you like.

Mood Rings

These rings might be a throwback to the 90s, but they do tend to be a fun choice. Mood rings claim to change their color based on your mood, for example, if you’re feeling happy or sad.

Actually, mood rings change color based on the temperature in your fingers. That doesn’t mean they can’t be a fun style choice, though.

Eternity Rings or Infinity Rings

Do you want a symbol of your ongoing love? Eternity rings, also called infinity rings, are a great gift to give to your partner on your anniversary or to commemorate a specific occasion.

This type of ring has stones all around it, hence what it’s named for.  The original version of the infinity ring was created by De Beers, in the 1960s. That’s because it used a large amount of smaller stones, rather than one big stone, which were easier to find at the time.

Infinity rings are a great occasion gift, but you can also purchase one for your partner just to show them how much you care about them.

Toe Rings

Not all rings go on your fingers. Toe rings were more popular in the 1980s, but they’re quickly coming back into fashion.

These are a perfect fashion choice for the summer since you can show off your toe rings when you’re walking around in sandals. Or, you can wear them in your socks and shoes, so that you have a little secret hiding under your clothing. 

Toe rings are important in other cultures, too. Toe rings are very commonly worn in India and are often used as a part of different types of marriage stories.

Cluster Rings

Do you want as many jewels on your hand as possible? Then you might want to consider a cluster ring. These rings are rings with one large stone and a bunch of little stones clustered around the main stone. These rings often use diamonds as a center stone, but different colored ones are also a solid option.

These rings can make an eye-catching addition to any formal outfit. If you’re feeling glitzy, you can also use them to supplement your everyday wear and add a little eye-catching edge.

Signet Rings

These rings are smaller and usually feature an insignia or crest. In the good old days, these rings were used to press into wax when royalty or nobility were sealing letters.

We don’t really do that nowadays, but that doesn’t mean that signet rings aren’t a fun style choice. Buy a second-hand ring, or have one custom-made with your own crest.

Check Out These Types of Rings

Now that you know about the different types of rings, you’ll be able to pick the best options for your style needs. You’ll just need to sit down and start shopping for what you want.

Are you searching for more fashion advice? Consider reading some of the other posts for all the help you need.

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