Vaping for Beginners: Your Guide to Vaping CBD Oil

CBD oil is changing lives. This amazing substance is legal and available in most parts of the United States, and more and more people are using it to alleviate pain. It also can be used to treat social anxiety and PTSD, to combat neurological disorders and more.

It’s a miracle for many, and more people learn about its benefits each day. 

Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, is a chemical compound that is extracted from hemp or marijuana plants. Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD does not get the user high. However, CBD also works on the human body’s endocannabinoid system and its receptors, and in doing so causes relief from various issues.

Many people want to experience the benefits of CBD but don’t want to smoke. Fortunately, smoking is not the only way that people ingest CBD. CBD can also be taken orally or applied topically, but many people find vaping to be the easiest way to consume CBD.

Read on to learn all about vaping for beginners, and how you can use it to enjoy the benefits of CBD.

What Is Vaping?

When you see someone vaping, you may think it looks like smoking, but it isn’t smoking at all.

Smoking involves fire. Fire causes incineration. The resulting smoke is then inhaled into the lungs. Smoking can be harsh on the body and some types of smoking can cause cancer.

Smoke is the result of combustion, and so a fire is required to make smoke. When something is burned, new chemicals are created by the oxidation of the substance that is burning. That smoke – the new substance – is then inhaled by the smoker.

Vaping, on the other hand, instead involves the inhalation of vaporized liquid. When we boil water, it turns into steam or water vapor, and it disappears into the air. Although the water changed states of matter, it’s still water. This is an example of vaporization that we see every day. 

In both cases, heat is applied to a substance, but in one case the substance changes, and in the other, it doesn’t. When people smoke, the substance they are smoking changes form and therefore, some of its positive benefits may disappear or change. When people vape, the substance they are vaping stays pure.

Smoking and vaping are very different ways to consume a substance. 

Smoking CBD

Smoking CBD is uncommon. It is not very popular because most people who choose to smoke want to get high. Again, CBD is non-psychoactive. 

A user will not get high from smoking CBD, but he or she may experience some of the other positive health benefits sought by CBD users. Even in states where medical and recreational cannabis is legal, it’s often difficult to find CBD in smokable form. It exists, it is simply not easily obtainable due to low demand for it.

Many people consume CBD orally or topically, but the most popular way to use CBD is through vaping it.

Pros and Cons of Vaping CBD

There are a lot of benefits to vaping CBD rather than ingesting it in any other way. First, inhaled CBD enters the bloodstream fast, thereby providing its benefits more quickly than other methods. 

Second, vaping is not as harsh on the lungs which makes consumption easier on those who need this medicine. Children, the elderly, and the very ill can vape without many negative side effects.

Also, vape pens are easy to load, use and transport. They are very portable and because they do not produce much visible vapor, users can use them without bothering others nearby.

Of course, with the good, there is always bad, and vaping has negatives too. Some CBD cartridges used in vape pens contain a solvent called propylene glycol. This substance can break down over time into formaldehyde, which can cause cancer, too. Be sure to research the cartridges you use to avoid exposure to this chemical.

Also, some people have a hard time regulating their dosages when using vape pens because the amount a user consumes can vary based on a variety of usage factors. Inconsistency in labeling due to lack of regulation in this growing industry can be a factor in this area as well.

How to Vape CBD Oil

Now that you have learned all about CBD oil and about what vaping actually is, you’re probably excited to get started. Read on to learn all about our suggestions and recommendations for vaping for beginners.

What Type of CBD Cartridges Should I Use?

Pre-filled pens and cartridges are best for beginners. These are already filled for you and are ready to go.

If you choose a pre-filled pen, the whole pen is disposable. You take it out of the box and, after charging, it is ready to use. When you have finished using it, throw it away.

You can also buy pre-filled cartridges that you screw onto an existing, reusable pen base. You buy the pen base separately and charge it up. You can screw on a new CBD cartridge every time you finish one.

There are also cartridges you can fill yourself, but they are not advised for people who are starting out.

How Much CBD Should I Vape?

If you are getting started with CBD, only take one or two inhales from the pen at first. Try that for a few days and see how you feel. If you don’t think you are experiencing any benefits, try a little more until you figure out what’s right for you.

The question “How much CBD should I vape?” is a complicated one because there are many factors that can affect the answer. The amount you will need is dependent on size, gender, needs, length and power of inhales, and more. Figuring out how much CBD to vape is a very personal experience. 

Is Vaping for beginners Safe?

No negative effects of vaping CBD oil have been discovered yet. Of course, vaping CBD oil is rather new, but so far, studies have indicated that it is safe. Sometimes users can feel drowsy after vaping, but when that happens, consider consuming less next time.

Are There Other Considerations?

When shopping for CBD oil to vape, there are two main factors to consider. CBD can vary in potency, so it’s good to be aware of these differences. Also, the flavor of CBD oil is dependent on the source and the manufacturer. Shop around to find one that you like best.

Happy Vaping

Vaping CBD is a safe and easy way to consume this helpful substance. It’s a great way for users to get started with it. Vaping for beginners can be a wonderful way to incorporate CBD oil and its benefits into your everyday life.

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