The Ups And Downs Of Self-Driving Cars

You’ll be hard-pressed to find an industry that hasn’t been significantly influenced by technology. And one of the most recent industries to be targeted is transportation. More specifically, the development of self-driving cars. Even though the concept isn’t exactly new to the world, it is only now that technology allows for it to materialize out of our wildest dreams. Thanks to incredible advancements that entail networking, satellites, and laser equipment, the reality of self-driving cars might be closer than we thought.

Of course, an extensive list of companies have invested in the idea of letting the driver sit back and relax, but there are some that really stand out from the crowd. They consist of:

– Google




Compared to other manufacturers, these are the companies that show the most interest and have done more testing. And make no mistake; their concepts are very complex. Take Google as the perfect example, with their overhead laser guidance system, which communicates directly with satellites that provide critical real-time data. And regardless of the weather conditions, the car will steer flawlessly.

With all this complicated technology and serious testing, it is obvious that this is a serious movement, bound to become part of our daily lives. But can you imagine drinking coffee and eating breakfast on your way to work? Yes, it’s a little difficult to wrap your mind around the idea, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that the self-driving car is a topic that keeps gaining popularity. Unfortunately, there is still a slew of challenges ahead.

The Ups Of Self-Driving Cars

  • Very Small Margin For Error

As it stands, no self-driving car has been part of an accident. And this is because of the onboard computer and the speed with which it makes thousands of calculations. You see, the self-driving car isn’t just aware of the passengers inside, but it is also aware of the elements that surround it. From pedestrians, buildings, other cars, and any other object that poses a potential threat, everything gets picked up on the car’s radar to ensure a safe drive.

  • Eliminates The Chances Of Congestion

The odds are that you get frustrated just thinking about the commute to work. Why? Because it seems to take longer with every day that passes. But traffic congestion can ultimately be avoided completely if all the cars on the road are self-driving according to self driving auto reports. Given that self-driving cars have the ability to communicate, the necessity for traffic signals will become absolute and traffic jams can be avoided completely. In fact, how easily will the flow of traffic be if all the cars are on the same page?

  • Parking Stress Disappears

Maybe you avoid certain areas due to the parking restrictions. Because not being able to find a spot can be incredibly frustrating. But with a self-driving car, you get the option to hop out and do your shopping while the car takes a drive around the block. And thanks to the perfect flow of traffic, it won’t create situations where congestion becomes a problem.

  • Modern Design Concepts

When you take away the conventional factors within a car, like the steering wheel and the gas pedal, it opens up space for new designs and new possibilities. Keeping in mind that a self-driving car represents a very relaxing experience where you don’t have to even think about the traffic around you, or where you are going, there are no limits as to what can be implemented in the design. In fact, it won’t be surprising if the design for self-driving cars are completely different from the designs we are used to.

  • More Power And Speed

With no driving errors and precision technology, what is stopping manufacturers from installing more powerful engines? In fact, with more powerful engines and perfect communication between other self-driving cars, speeding will never be a problem or even dangerous.

The Downs Of Self-Driving Cars

  • They Cost A Pretty Penny

It is with good reason that most of the companies investing in self-driving cars aren’t making price tags public. And it’s because all the exciting technology that goes into making the car costs beyond the means of regular people. Obviously, the longer the technology sticks around the more affordable it becomes. But how long it will take for the price to adapt remains to be seen.

  • Technology Isn’t Perfect

While self-driving cars haven’t given any reason to doubt their ability, in a manner of speaking, technology can hit a roadblock at some point or another. And you should know this if you’ve had a phone that simply doesn’t want to work anymore or a PC that just died on you.

  • The Licensing Infrastructure Challenge

From a federal point of view, there is a big challenge waiting in terms of the licensing infrastructure. And seeing as local car licensing offices are in charge of making sure self-driving cars are indeed safe, will they be able to provide quick and efficient licensing? Because once the trend starts to pick up, it’s not going to disappear anytime soon.

  • Pollution Remains A Problem

Given the climate situation the world currently faces and the heavy amount of pollution that’s already a problem, self-driving cars might add to the problem. For example, what if the desire to use a self-driving car overpowers our desire to turn the tide on decreasing our carbon footprint? Because letting the car drive around the block while you enjoy a movie will be a convenience people are going to use. Naturally, manufacturers are doing their best to stick to electric and hybrid cars, but that doesn’t mean the potential for added pollution goes away.

  • Giving Up Your Privacy

In order for a self-driving car to function properly, it needs to communicate its position in real time. This means if the network gets hacked by any chance, you can be tracked to an exact location. And while companies will establish precautions, they won’t necessarily be full-proof.

When it comes down to it, there is no way of telling how self-driving cars can change the way we function on a daily basis. Yes, they can make life very convenient and much more relaxing. But they can create just as many unforeseen challenges.

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