Tips for Managing Triggers During Sex Addiction Recovery

While there’s still a lot of controversy and debates about sex addiction, we do know that there are people who struggle to control their urges.

If you’re one of them or you know someone who has a sex addiction, you know how this can make their lives more challenging.

But all is not lost and there’s plenty of hope and recovery solutions if one is struggling with sex addiction. There are sex addiction recovery methods one can follow to protect oneself.

Here are the tips for managing triggers when undergoing sex addiction recovery:


This is one of the most common internal triggers that can cause a person to succumb to their sex addiction. If someone is bored, they might decide to watch pornography, go to a strip club, or pleasure themselves to satisfy their boredom.

The solution is to be busy but by doing things that you like. For example, you might want to consider adding a hobby or making a lifestyle change.

Going to the gym, reading a book, meeting friends, or even watching a great TV show is enough to keep your mind occupied.

Sexual Stimuli

Of course, there are many external triggers that can cause one to get aroused and our modern world is full of them. 

You can stroll into your local mall and get triggered by images of the models at the lingerie store. Seeing attractive people whom you’re attracted to will also do the same.

This doesn’t mean that you have to avoid going out but you must be careful about where you go. It’s best to avoid places where flirting and interactions that might lead to sex might come about.

You want to avoid beaches, bars, nightclubs, and definitely strip clubs. Be willing to say ‘no’ to your friends if they invite you to such places.

Bad Sex Life

Oddly enough, if your partner or spouse and you don’t have a great sex life then this can trigger your sex addiction. Many sex addicts have to look elsewhere to satisfy their sexual needs.

However, if this is the case for you and your spouse then you must work together. You might need to experiment more in bed. Or you might even need to visit a sex therapist.

But the main goal is to be honest with each other. Talk with each other to determine how you can work things out.

If you happen to be married to a sex addict, there are treatment centers for spouses of sex addicts that can save your marriage.

That’s How to Succeed With Sex Addiction Recovery

Now you know how to succeed with sex addiction recovery and how to control some of the internal triggers and external triggers.

Boredom is the most common internal trigger and you must find a way to keep yourself busy. The best way is to have hobbies that stimulate your mind and keep you excited.

Avoid sexual stimuli as much as you can. At times, you might have to avoid visiting certain places. Make sure you speak to your partner about your sex life if it’s not going well.

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