Tiara vs. Crown: What Brides Should Know

Everyone deserves to feel like royalty on their wedding day. It’s the day when you’re at your most beautiful, surrounded by people who love you to celebrate the joining together of two lives.

If ever there was a time where it was appropriate for some royal headwear, your wedding would be it.

But this brings one obvious question to mind – tiara vs crown?

To help settle the dispute, we’ve put together a short guide to help you determine the difference between a tiara and a crown.

Tiara Vs Crown: How To Tell The Difference

Considering that they’re both a  type of fancy headdress worn by royalty, it’s tempting to write off the tiara vs crown debate as if there were no difference. First of all, anyone who’s ever seen crowns and tiaras knows that they’re not identical.

Secondly and just as importantly, they both have their own unique histories and significance. This not only will help you tell the difference between tiaras vs crowns when you see them worn, it can also help you make up your mind for your own special occasion.

Consider The Wearer

Historically speaking, only kings and queens wear crowns although other royals will sometimes wear shorter versions known as coronets.

By these same rules, only brides and royal women were allowed to wear tiaras. Author Geoffrey Munn, who wrote a book on the history of tiaras, told Town and Country Magazine. “The tiara has its roots in classical antiquity and was seen as an emblem of the loss of innocence to the crowning of love.”

The only exception to this rule is princesses. Princesses were allowed to wear tiaras if they were unmarried. Consider when Princess Anne wore Queen Elizabeth II’s tiara on a trip to New Zealand in 1970, for instance.

Both Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle wore a tiara for the first time on their wedding day, on the other hand. This is because neither of them were of noble birth. They had to take courses from famous etiquette experts in order to learn the proper royal ways of everyday life.

Consider The Shape

The other giveaway to help you determine crowns vs tiaras is its shape. Generally speaking, a crown will be far taller than a tiara, for starters. They tend to be larger, as well.

Finally, a crown is always a full circle.

Tiaras are usually only semi-circular, on the other hand. They tend to be less ornate than a crown, also.

Even this brief look into the crowns vs tiaras conversation should be giving you some ideas whether a crown or a tiara is right for your special occasion. If you’re deciding between bridal tiaras and crowns, for instance, a tiara has more of a historical precedent.

If you’re looking to truly feel like a queen, however, a bridal crown is just the thing!

Whichever one you settle upon, you’ll want to find a high-quality version like you’ll find at Bella Luna Jewelry.

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