The Latest Jewelry Trends That Are Everywhere in 2022

People have been wearing jewelry for about 25,000 years. As a result, there aren’t too many new jewelry trends. Most of them are recycled at this point.

But even still, you should make sure that you’re always up on the latest jewelry trends if you enjoy buying jewelry and wearing it on a regular basis. It’ll make it easy for you to stay on top of which types of jewelry you should be investing in every time you go to buy it.

Want to know which jewelry styles are trending in 2022? That’s precisely what we’re going to discuss today to ensure that you’re able to secure jewelry types that will make you look stylish this year.

Take a look at some of the biggest jewelry trends that are everywhere in 2022 below.


Remember the chokers that everyone used to wear back in the 1990s? They became so popular at one point that it was only going to be a matter of time before they crashed and burned.

By the 2000s, almost everyone that used to wear chokers had abandoned them. And it didn’t seem as though they were going to have a resurgence anytime soon.

But guess what? They’re baaaaaaack. And you could argue that they’re better than ever.

The chokers of 2022 are not like the chokers of 1998, though. They’re big and bold and designed to make a super strong fashion statement when you put them on.

Because of this, chokers probably aren’t going to become as popular as they used to be in 2022. But you are going to see them pop up over and over again and turn into one of the most ubiquitous jewelry trends.

Large Earrings

There’s obviously nothing new about people wearing earrings. There are more people who have their ears pierced these days than there are people who don’t have them pierced.

But in 2022, large earrings are all the rage. We’re talking about big, colorful earrings that are filled with all kinds of incredible details.

If your earlobes are up for the challenge, you might want to think about pushing the boundaries when you’re picking up a new pair of earrings this year. It’ll help you stay in stride with one of the hottest jewelry trends.

You might even want to get your kids involved in this jewelry trend by investing in some of this hypoallergenic kid’s jewelry.

Gold Chains

You could make the argument that gold chains are pretty much always in style. It’s not uncommon at all to see celebrities strutting their stuff while wearing gold chains on the red carpets at big events.

But gold chains are poised to become even more popular than usual in 2022 as both celebrities and everyday people have found cool ways to dress gold chains up and down. People are wearing their gold chains by themselves and hanging pendants, charms, lockets, etc. on them.

Of all the different jewelry trends on this list, this one might be the easiest one for you to get on board with. You probably have at least a few gold chains lying around that you could start putting to good use right away.

Colorful Jewels

If you’ve spent any time watching models walk down the runways during 2022 fashion shows, you’ve no doubt noticed that many of them have been covered head to toe in so many different colors. Colorful jewels are yet another one of this year’s jewelry trends that have been impossible to miss.

From chunky topaz and enamel rings to emerald and diamond earrings, there are more than enough jewelry pieces filled with colorful jewels to go around. They’ll help you to make a strong statement whenever you decide to put them on.

Signet Rings

Most people can’t afford to spend too much money customizing their jewelry. But thankfully, there are some forms of jewelry that allow people to customize them without breaking the bank.

Signet rings are an excellent example of this. They’ve been around for centuries now and have remained popular because of how you can customize them to be unique to you.

You can have something as simple as your initials or the initials of a loved one put on a signet ring. You can also have birthstones and other jewels put on signet rings as you see fit.

And while some signet rings are going to be on the pricier side, the majority of them aren’t going to call for you to spend a small fortune on them. You can customize them while sticking to a budget.

Modern Rivières

A rivière is a type of necklace that is made up of a bunch of different gemstones, diamonds, etc. that gradually get bigger. They look and feel a lot different than other types of necklaces, which is what makes them so appealing to so many people.

While rivières have been around for a long time, the modern rivière is a whole lot sleeker than the rivières that have been worn by people in the past. They can either be worn on their own or paired up with other necklaces to create a cool layered look.

Keep These Jewelry Trends On Your Radar

Jewelry trends are always changing. The jewelry that is “in” this year might not be around in 12 months.

But the good thing about almost all of the 2022 jewelry trends is that it doesn’t appear as though they’re going to go completely out of style anytime in the near future. So you’re free to pick up any of the types of jewelry that we’ve talked about here without having to worry about them becoming obsolete in a year.

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