The Best Christian Gifts Including Christian Necklaces

With the holidays coming up in a short few months, it’s time to start thinking of gift ideas for your friends and family. You may be wondering what to get your loved ones this holiday season especially making sure to find gifts that are meaningful.

If you’re still thinking about what to get your Christian friends and family, make sure to keep reading to find some of the best Christian gifts to give this season.

1. Prayer Journal

A great gift for your fellow Christian is a prayer journal. If you are giving this as a Christmas gift, then they can use the prayer journal for the up and coming year.

They can use the journal to write down their thoughts and prayers throughout the day.  They will appreciate having something to write down their prayers on. To add an extra touch, you can write one of their favorite bible verses on the front page to really make their journal their own.

2. Personalized Bookmark

Most Christians are consistently reading their bibles to interpret the word of God. Another gift idea is to gift them with a personalized bookmark so that they can always find their place in their bible and not fold the pages.

You can personalize their bookmark with their name and a bible verse that holds a special place in their heart. By gifting a personalized bookmark, it shows that you care about their spiritual journey and ensuring their bible stays in good condition by not folding the pages.

3. Necklace

Necklaces always make a thoughtful gift. There are a variety of different Christian necklaces you can choose from when shopping for a Christian.

You can choose from the traditional cross necklace that will be subtle but also still allow your loved one to show their faith. If you are looking for something different, you can always buy a dog tag necklace that has a spiritual quote or bible verse. They can either wear the dog tag or hang it in their car so they always have a constant reminder of their faith.

4. Book of Prayers 

If your friend or loved one enjoys reading, then a book of prayers is a great idea. This allows them to consistently have prayers and verses whenever they need them.

You can buy a variety of prayer books such as one that has a prayer for each day of the year or even a prayer book that is specifically for women or men. You can even buy a book of prayers that are for children who are just starting out on their spiritual journey.

Best Christian Gifts You Can Buy

Now that you have an idea of some of the best Christian gifts for the holidays, it’s time to start making your list of gifts to buy your family and friends. By choosing one of the gifts from the list, it shows you care about your loved ones and their walk of faith.

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