The Benefits of Push Back Racking for Inventory Management says there are over 37,146 inventory managers in America right now. If you’re one of them, do you ever wonder if other managers have found more innovative solutions for dealing with their inventory than you?

Push-back racking is a system that’s been adopted by many managers in recent times due to its benefits. In this short guide, we’ll discuss some of the benefits to push back racking to help you improve warehouse operations.

So read on if you want to make your warehouse setup work better for you. 

It’s a High-Density Storage Solution

If you’re looking to make better use of your warehouse space, then push-back racking could be just the ticket! The great thing about this new racking style is you can use your aisles on both sides, unlike other racking systems.

you might be able to gain an extra 20-55% more space to store goods! This means, that if your company is growing, you might not need to move to another warehouse, which can be expensive and time-consuming. You can even look into low-profile pushback racking where you can add pallet positions vertically.

Speed Up Your Operations

Due to the design of push-back racking, you’ll find your warehouse operations will speed up. This type of warehouse racking enables forklift drivers to manage easy maneuvers which will become routined and quicker as time goes by.

All that happens is the driver pulls out one pallet, then the pallet behind moves forward. There are no electronics involved in this racking system as it uses the force of gravity to move the pallets. Also drivers do not need to drive into the rack loads because the load comes to them.

An amazing thing is that you can go as deep as six pallets with this system for inventory management. This will help to lower forklift traffic as you might not need any forklift aisles!

Selectivity Improves

If you want some of the highest levels of selectivity within high-density storage, push-back racking is one of the best racking options out there. You can use the LIFO inventory method, meaning you can use inventory diversity and SKU types in your warehouse setup.

Whatever your throughput needs are, push-back racking should be able to cater to them. You can easily customize this racking system and just think how much space you will save while having an even higher density of storage potential than you had before!

If you want to learn more about the wonders of push-back racking, you can see here

The Potential With Push Back Racking

You can now see that there’s loads of potential to improve your warehouse operations by adopting a push back racking system. In essence, you’ll be able to make more money by utilizing the same size space you’ve always used in a more efficient manner. 

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