Solutions to Climate Change: This Is How You Can Help

Americans increasingly see climate change as a crisis, according to surveys. 

If you feel anxiety about the future of the planet, then you’re certainly not alone. But, you don’t need to feel hopeless either.

There are many solutions to climate change. It’s just about how to realize these solutions to save the planet.

Do you want to hear more about how you can help to protect the environment for future generations? Let’s discover more tips below!

1. Switch to a Plant-Based Diet 

Up to 18 percent of global emissions are caused by animal agriculture. The beef burger or pork sausage on your plate is driving the climate crisis.

If you want to deal with the climate crisis, you could simply switch to a vegan or vegetarian diet. Fruit and vegetables are much easier to grow without damaging the planet.

Moreover, rather than growing crops to feed animals. The crops, such as soya and grain, is eaten by human beings rather than the millions of cows, pigs, and chickens around the world.

The Climate Leadership Council has been leading the way in showing that eating less meat is crucial to stop global warming. 

2. Get On Your Bicycle

Every time you want to go anywhere, think about the emissions generated by your choice of transport.

When you get in your diesel car to go to the store or hop on an airplane to the other side of the country to visit a friend, you’re adding to the climate crisis.

You could consider different ways of travel. Or, just speaking over the phone instead of pumping out toxic fumes every time you want a chat.

When you can walk or cycle somewhere, always choose this option.

But, you may also find that traveling via bus or train is more possible than you ever realized. Why not also swap your gas spewing car for an electric vehicle?

3. Turn to Renewables 

A lot of the world’s energy comes from fossil fuels. This includes natural gas, coal, and oil.

That’s why turning to renewable energy is the answer to fighting climate change. The most popular renewables are solar, wind, and hydropower.

You could put solar panels on your roof or switch your electricity provider to a clean energy company.

4. Make You Money Even Greener 

Put your money where your mouth is. If you’re serious about turning your good intentions into impact, invest your money in environmental projects.

There are tons of ways to put your money in climate-friendly places. This could be a local eco-friendly business or a socially responsible bank.

If you have a pension, then you could ask your employer to shift your money away from fossil fuels and into green investments.

What Are the Best Solutions to Climate?

Are you asking yourself what are the best solutions to climate? From turning to renewable energy to going vegan, there are many ways you can help.

It’s time for you to stop simply worrying about the climate. You need to start actually doing something to counter the climate crisis.

If you want more eco-friendly lifestyle tips, check out our blog for much more!

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