Pros and Cons of Autonomous Trucks

Autonomous vehicles have quietly started entering the market and a new age of automotive vehicles is about to appear. Uber has been able to put together a fleet of autonomous trucks and is looking at the Budweiser example (50,000+ trucks) as a plus point. They realize it's about to become a part of the world's daily routine soon. Along with Uber, there are other companies that are also looking into this technology including the likes of Tesla and Google to name a few.

Self-driving trucks are autonomous but they do come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages.



1) Fewer Road Accidents

In general, autonomous trucks are still being tested and are getting close to accident-proof according to ongoing studies. However, there is a bit of work to be done in inclement conditions. However, reports are indicating the number of accidents continue to go down with time when compared to human-driven trucks. This was seen in a report listed by McKinsey & Company. It stated there was a 90% depreciation in accidents when autonomous trucks were added into the mix.

2) Eliminates Traffic Congestion

Another advantage that has to be mentioned when it comes to autonomous trucks would be the ability to reduce traffic jams. These autonomous trucks are ideal for keeping things running well on the roads regardless of where you are in the nation. This is important when it comes to traveling long distances on major highways in America. With the help of these top-tier autonomous trucks, it's possible to take advantage of open spaces and emptier roads while also eliminating delayed human reactions.

3) Cost-Efficient

Another benefit is knowing these autonomous trucks are built to save money. This is seen through their ability to optimize each route while driving. There is an upfront investment with these trucks but they will pay back in reduced expenses over time. This is seen through a combination of no drivers and increased efficiency on the road. They’ve shown they can do it too as this post from Fircroft displays.


1) Fewer Jobs

There is a clear disadvantage with autonomous trucks and that's with the employment rate. Drivers are going to lose their jobs because of these vehicles. The trucks don't need a human driver so they're going to lose their jobs immediately. The driverless trucks are going to do the job on their own. This is one of the biggest concerns with autonomous trucks according to industry experts.

2) Major Security Issues

Along with the unemployment rate, you're also looking at new security concerns with these autonomous trucks. They are going to be prone to hacking if they're not kept as secure as they need to be. This could lead to major software hacks and potential control issues.

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