Product Photo Ideas for Ecommerce Stores on a Budget

Seventy-five percent of online shoppers rely on product photos when making purchasing decisions.

For e-commerce sites where customers are unable to see and feel items IRL, product photography ideas can make the difference between success and failure. But what if you don’t have the budget for a professional photographer to work their magic?

Luckily, we’re here to help! Keep reading to learn how to take product photos! 

Take Inspiration from Instagram

Depending on what you’re selling, Instagram can be one of your best sources of unique product photography. From the brands you love to the photographers you admire, a quick IG scroll is sure to give you plenty of inspiration and tips. There’s even an IG account dedicated to product photos called @productphotodaily if you’re not sure where to start looking. 

Get the Lighting Right

Without the right lighting, neither the products you’re photographing nor the background will appear as it does to your eyes. Whether you choose natural or studio lighting, it’s important to make sure that your set-up brings out the true colors of the products you’re shooting. After all, you don’t want the photos to make a blue sweater appear green or a red lipstick look pink. 

Try Different Angles

Shooting products from above in a flat-lay style can work for certain items. But it’s worth considering other product photography ideas and angles too. Once you start learning how to photograph products, you’ll be able to envisage how your photos will come out beforehand. But until then, practicing and trying a range of options is the best way to develop this talent. 

Bring Out the Details

With the product there in front of you, the exact color, texture, fabric, and design might all be obvious. But are these details obvious in the photos?

One big difference between product photography and other forms of photography is the need for accuracy. While some of the best product photography ideas convey a feeling as much as the actual product itself, customers need to be able to see the details to decide whether to buy. As well as taking shots of the product from different angles, remember to get in close and show the details that customers will want to know. 

Get Editing

You’ve no doubt heard of Photoshop and other editing tools, but what is image editing exactly? As this guide explains, it’s a way to edit your photos post-production to change minor details and bring out certain colors and concepts. But remember, editing product photos won’t make a terrible photo look good. It can, however, help good photos look more polished and professional.

Product Photo Ideas

Even if you’re skilled at selfies and travel shots, taking product photos is a whole different ball game. 

But, with these product photo ideas to inspire you, it should now be a lot easier for you to take pictures that will make your customers click “buy”!

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