Old Houses for Sale: Should You Buy an Old House?

The average age of homes has grown over the past couple of decades. The median age of owner-occupied homes is now 39 years. However, there are many homes available that are even older than that.

If you’re thinking about buying an old house, remember that there are a variety of things to consider first. While buying an old house can be a good choice, there are some drawbacks that you’ll need to be aware of and consider fully.

In this guide, we’ll help you decide whether you should buy old houses for sale or not.

Should You Buy an Old House?

So should you buy an old house for sale? When making the decision to buy an old house, you should realize that there are many pros and cons to doing so. 

Certain old houses have a lot of charm and can also be bought for an affordable price. On the other hand, old homes tend to have a lot of problems and are usually fixer-uppers. You’ll usually need to do quite a bit to get an old home to a modern standard of living.

You’ll want to think about your goals and your needs carefully when deciding whether to buy an older home or not.

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Advantages of Buying an Old House

Despite some negatives, there are many advantages to buying an old house. Here’s what you should consider.

More Affordable

One of the top benefits of buying an old house is that they usually sell for a lot less than a new house. Some old homes are very affordable.

Although the maintenance can be more costly with an older house, you can usually make the initial purchase for a much lower price. 

Interesting Architecture

Another perk of buying an older home is that the architecture is generally more interesting than that of a newer house.

Older homes tend to stand out a bit more and may feature victorian or colonial styles that are no longer being used very often. There are a lot of impressive details that play a part in these design styles, so an old home can have a great feel to it.

Excellent Locations

Older homes are also more likely to be located in a great neighborhood than a newer home will be. Old homes are often in locations that have been established over the years and remain a bustling part of a city.

These homes are often centrally located and have a great community surrounding them, so this is a big advantage over newer homes.

Large Lot Sizes

Another great thing about buying an older home is that it can be a great way to get a home that is larger and has a big yard. The landscaping of older homes tends to be pretty impressive and there’s a lot more space.

The impressive landscaping and yards of older homes are often really comfortable and make buying old homes a good option to consider.

Disadvantages of Buying an Old House

While there are advantages to buying an older house, there are some drawbacks as well. Here’s what you should consider.

Maintenance Costs Can Be High

When you buy an old house, one of the drawbacks is that it can be pretty expensive when it comes to maintenance, utility costs, and homeowners insurance. Newer homes tend to be easier to maintain.

While the initial costs of an older home are usually lower, you’ll often have to make up for it with the higher costs that are associated with owning the house.

If the price of a home is low initially, chances are that there’s something you’re missing. There could be something about it that is in need of serious repairs or will need some updates.

Renovation Restrictions

Another negative aspect of buying an old house is that you might not be able to make certain renovations or changes to it. There are certain restrictions that may be in place for an older home depending on your local city laws and regulations.

Adding onto the home or altering the layout of the home’s interior might not be a possibility with older houses. You may want to check with your local Building and Planning Department before buying the home.

May Not Meet Modern Safety Standards

A big drawback of old homes is that they may not meet certain modern safety regulations.

Old homes often aren’t built to modern-day code and there could be big gaps in their safety standards when it comes to plumbing, electricity, or other home elements. It’s important to get a home inspected before buying so that you know what construction standards have been met.

Smaller Rooms and Layouts

While it isn’t always the case, old homes tend to have smaller rooms than newer homes do. There is less open space in general and closets and rooms may be much smaller than you would like.

You might also find that many homes feature low-hanging ceilings as well. Be sure to keep this in mind when buying a home so that you won’t be disappointed. 

Deciding Whether You Should Consider Old Houses for Sale

While buying old houses for sale could end up being a great move for you and your family, be sure that you understand both the positives and negatives. Old homes can be charming and affordable, but they can also be difficult to maintain as well.

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