Make Your Date Great: 5 Sexy Date Night Ideas for First Dates

Did you know that most women claim to ‘know’ within the first four minutes of a first date whether they’re into the guy or not?

That’s not a whole lot of time to make an impression, irrespective of which gender you are! 

A first date is really the perfect opportunity to sweep them off their feet.

If you’re really looking to wow your crush with an incredible first date then you need to read this article and learn sexy date night ideas that will do just that. 

1. Go Hiking or Walking

You may think that heading out for a hike or a walk doesn’t scream sexy or romantic! You might just be wrong. 

Having the ‘quiet’ time to really allow your date to talk about themselves and open up is sexy in its own right. It’s a great way to allow plenty of time for conversation and an even better way to see if they fit your spontaneous personality and love of fitness! 

Plus you’ll be burning calories at the same time. 

And if all is looking positive and going well, at least you will have already seen each other sweaty, right? 

2. Go for Desserts 

Going out for a plain old dinner is just so overdone. Why not be creative and go on a tour of the best desserts in your neighborhood?

Think of your favorite waffle, favorite cupcake, and favorite pudding and put together a small tour for the evening’s menu. This luxury transportation service is a great way to add a little ‘pizazz’ to your sweet-toothed tour and possibly make a lasting impression. 

3. Adventure to Your Local Arcade

There’s nothing quite like being made to feel young again that brings the sexy back! 

Plan a fun night for the two of you to your local arcade, exchange your cash, and get going in some head-to-head games. Being able to laugh, make light-hearted, competitive jokes and not take yourselves too seriously would make for a great first date. 

Afterward, hit the street food vendors for some great food, ‘cop a squat’ as Vivian from Pretty Woman would say, and then get to know each other after you’ve let your guard down. 

4. Visit An Aquarium 

We’ve all seen those iconic movie scenes with the beautiful sea of blue colors, calming sea life swimming by and the couple romantically holding hands as they view the dolphins. 

There’s something about the aquarium that just says, ‘romance!’

Walking side by side through the overhead glass aquariums in beautiful, oceanic light is strangely sexy. If all else fails, hit the shows, particularly the dolphin show, to make a lasting impression. 

5. Go on a Cocktail Tour 

If you haven’t got the budget for fancy dinners or a night at the opera, then pre-planning a super cool tour around cocktails is a fab idea to get to let your hair down and have some fun. 

Be sure to take a taxi, but find three or four places that are infamous for the cocktails they serve and order a different one in each place. To make it a bit more fun, you can order a small snack to share at each place, and connect over sharing a plate of food. 

Sexy Date Night Ideas Tips 

When it comes to sexy date night ideas, you need to remember one thing, your date is about more than landing up in bed together. Be sure to plan something that allows you to get to know your date on a personal level, intellectual and mental stimulation can be truly sexy too. 

Looking for more dating-related reading material? Head on over to our dating sites page and get your fill. 

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