Loans Like LendUp are Excellent for Launching Online Businesses

Launching an online business is probably one of the scariest things you do – especially if it’s going to become your only source of income. You’ll want to attain stability of income and a steep enough revenue source for it to be worth working so hard for. Loans like LendUp can certainly facilitate the process of getting your business off the ground. First, lets take a look at what’s required before setting up an online business.

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We’re going to look over the basic things you will need in order to launch an online business. Regardless of the type of business or the niche you’re choosing, these requirements will pretty much remain the same for everyone. We will also look at the average costs so you can get a pretty good idea about the basic startup costs for online businesses. 

Costs of Starting a Website Business

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    Domain Name - $10 per year
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    Hosting - $20 - $60 per month
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    Logo Creation - $50 - $200 (optional)
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    Website Design/Creation - $500 - $2,000 (optional)
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    Content Creation - $10 - $30 per article (optional)
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    On-Page & Off-Page SEO - $100 - $500 per month (optional)

As you can see, the costs of launching an online business or website will vary greatly according to the skills you have. The more you can do yourself, the more you will save. For instance, if you can build the website yourself and write your own content, you will be able to save over $2,000 right from the start. Nonetheless, the costs of launching an online business are much smaller than launching a physical business.

For this reason, sites like LendUp for short-term loans are excellent for getting you started. 

You probably don’t have $3,000 to $5,000 laying around to launch an online business and unless you’re ready to invest 50+ hours of your time every single week until it generates revenue, you will probably want to consider choosing companies like LendUp and sites like CashNetUSA for your online loan needs.

LendUp Alternatives Provide Loans Up To $5,000

One of the downsides of LendUp is the dreaded LendUp ladder, which prevents first-time borrowers from getting loans higher than $250. This is barely enough to pay for cheap hosting. If you’re serious about launching a website or online business, you will need at the minimum $1,000 to $1,500. If you need a lot of outsourcing such as having content written and logos designed, you will need even more. 

LendUp alternatives allow you to borrow in the same type of circumstances but for much higher dollar amounts. For instance, LendYou is capable of providing personal loans for bad credit up to $5,000. What this means is that you can get quick cash loans within hours and borrow money online even if you have a poor credit score or had to deal with bankruptcy in the past. 

You can check your credit score using our list of sites like Credit Karma.

Funds Allow You to Launch a Completed Website

loans like lendup

One of the most crucial steps that most new webmasters forget about is launching a fully ready website. Launching a half-completed website is terrible for customer retention and for building your brand. 


John has $200 and launches a website. He designs the logo himself and uses his money to buy the domain name and purchase a year’s worth of cheap hosting with sites like GoDaddy. He has no spare cash on hand to invest into his business so he writes a few articles per week himself and manages to build a few mediocre backlinks per week. His site will most likely take months, even years before gaining decent traffic and before becoming profitable.

Jeff borrows money from loans like Speedy Cash. He gets a loan for $2,000. He uses $1,000 to buy a domain name and pay for a year’s worth of hosting with Flywheel, a quality WordPress hosting provider that will provide him with faster web page loading, higher security and advanced support. He chooses to set up his website himself using WordPress and writes roughly 30 articles. He uses free SEO keyword tools to optimize his on-page SEO and spends $300 per month for the first 3 months on quality authority backlinks. Within 3 months, his website ranks for hundreds, even thousands of keywords and he’s turning enough profit to pay for hosting and SEO fees just with the website’s income. 

You can see how taking out a quick cash loan is the best way to go if you’re tight on cash and want to seriously launch a successful business. Having just a little extra money to spend when launching your website can allow you to get over the initial speed bump and start profiting from your website much sooner. 

Borrow Money Online from the Best

We wouldn’t tell you to borrow money online from just about anyone. There are plenty of sites like LendUp that offer larger loans on the internet, but few of them offer quality services. We’ve curated a list of the top loan providers online so you can easily and quickly get your hands on the funding that you need without overpaying in fees. Here is a list of the top providers and the number one alternatives to LendUp available online.







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