Living the Lake Life: What to Bring for a Day at the Lake?

We’re in the heat of summer, and a day at the lake is refreshing downtime from a rough week. You can’t go with the essentials.

You need to know what to take for a day at the lake.

Spending time at a lake gives you the opportunity to get some fishing in. Lakeside fishing relieves stress and helps you slow down and enjoy nature. Don’t forget about a hanging out on the boat.

Drifting on the water lets you take in views you don’t see from the shoreline. If feels like the world slows down for you.

When you’re not fishing or boating, put your earphones in your pockets and take in some wildlife. Listen to the rustle of deer in the woods and birds humming in the trees.

Are you trying to figure out what to do when living the lake life? Read this article to learn what to bring for a day at the lake.

Bring Your Life Jackets for a Day at the Lake

Lake water is so serene, people don’t think twice before they go charging towards it. Before you take off, think safety first.

Take 60 seconds to put on a life jacket.

Water is unpredictable. Yes, it’s relaxing and fun, but changes in its depth and current changes happen on a dime sometimes. Wearing a life jacket keeps you safe in the water when unforeseeable things happen.

Consider Jetpilot for your day out on the water. Have fun but make smart decisions about water safety.

Bottled Water

You won’t be drinking the lake water, so bring some of your own. Don’t forget to pack some water.

Hydration is very important, especially when you’re hanging out in the sun. Fill up a small BPA-free container with some icy, cold spring water. Better yet, load up a mid-size cooler with ice and bottled water.

Throw in a couple of cans of flavored water if you want a little taste of fruit.


Sunscreen is non-negotiable. Don’t even think about sitting out by the lake or swimming in it without some.

Sunscreen protects against UVB and UVA rays. Extended exposure to these rays encourages skin cancer and terrible sun burning. Before you dip your toes into the lake, apply a nice coat from head to toe.

Depending on how long you plan on being in the water or sun, apply some SPF30 every two hours.

Snacks and Extra Clothes

You won’t want to pack up in the middle of having fun to make a run to the store if you get hungry. Bring some snacks!

Pack some simple sandwiches in zip-lock baggies. Don’t forget your veggies and fruit. Cool strawberries and pieces of melon are great snacks when you’re out in the sun. Also, veggie sticks go great with sandwiches.

Make room in the trunk for a bag of extra clothes. You don’t want to sit around in a wet suit all day. Pack some cool clothes to change into.

Get Down to the Lake

Sometimes a day at the lake is just what your stress level ordered. Before you run out the front door, read this guide, and take some essentials.

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