Keep It Clean: What Is Included in a Commercial Office Cleaning?

When thinking about the dirtiest places in an office, most people think of trash cans, toilets, and other similar things. But did you know that the average office desk has more than 400 times the amount of germs than a toilet?

Office cleanliness has a direct effect on the productivity of your employees—especially in the era of COVID-19. So what can you do?

For many offices, choosing to work with a commercial office cleaning service is the best solution. Cleaners come as often as every day, helping ensure that your office is a clean and healthy place to work. But what do they do?

Keep reading for a guide that will help you understand what you can expect when hiring a commercial office cleaning service.

Daily Cleaning Tasks

Office cleaners will make sure that your office looks clean and welcoming for employees, visitors, and anyone else who stops by. They’ll vacuum the floors, dust all the surfaces, and disinfect high-contact areas, such as doorknobs and keyboards.

They’ll also get to work polishing the different surfaces around your office. This includes everything from windows with smudge marks to light switches covered in fingerprints.

In the bathrooms and kitchen, they’ll take extra care to make sure that everything is spotless. Mopping, sanitizing the sinks, and spot-treating mirrors are some of the many things you can expect to see the cleaners do.

Weekly Cleaning Tasks

Once a week, you’ll also find your cleaning team staying later than normal. On that night, they’ll do some things that are a bit more demanding.

If your office has any hard floors, your cleaners will go around and buff them out. They’ll make sure that they are as shiny as possible and do their best to get out scuff marks and other damage.

You’ll also notice that your windows are shinier than ever before. From time to time, your cleaning team will squeegee them, both on the inside and outside.

Monthly Cleaning Tasks

Depending on the office cleaning rates and plan you agree on, your cleaners might also pay attention to special areas in your office once a month.

Desk chairs are a notoriously dirty area of the office that your cleaning team will help take care of. Aside from wiping them down, they’ll use a vacuum on each part of them, ensuring that they look and feel like new.

Dirty vents are another unsightly part of many offices that can also contribute to poor indoor air quality. Cleaning services will clean them from time to time, ensuring that the air you breathe is healthy and fresh.

Another thing to consider is that a pressure washing house service is an annual routine you shouldn’t skip.

Take Advantage of All That Comes With a Commercial Office Cleaning

If you’re unsure about whether or not having your commercial office space cleaned is a good idea, just think of all the time you’ll save. As this guide explains, cleaning services will help you out with all of your cleaning needs, even cleaning some things you didn’t realize needed it.

Do you have a better understanding of what commercial office cleaning entails? If you do, make sure to check out some of our other articles for more helpful guides and tips.

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