How Well Do You Know the Universe?

Did the universe begin 13.8 billion years ago with a big bang?

Around 99.9 percent of scientists agree that this was the case. And yet, the American public aren’t so sure.

Over half of Americans say that they’re “not too confident” that this happened. Just because it sounds strange and crazy – doesn’t mean it’s not true!

There are actually many more unbelievable but true facts about the universe that could amaze and shock you at the same time.

Are you eager to discover the most interesting facts about where we live? Check them out below!

1. You’re Actually Made From Stars 

Has anyone ever told you – “you’re a star!” It’s a great feeling to be compared with a billion-year-old star in the universe. 

They shine brightly and look down on us. And yet, when someone refers to you as a star, they probably don’t realize that you actually are made of stars.

It sounds weird to think about it. But, the atoms which make up your body – everything from your blood cells to your eyes were formed by an exploding star.

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2. Time Travel Does Kind of Exist

Time travel has not been invented. It may never be invented either. However, we know that time is a crazy and confusing topic.

The stars in the night sky are actually billions of years old. When you look at them, even though you experience the brightness of the star, the light actually travels to our eyes over a long time.

Therefore, when you look at the stars, you are really looking back into the past. That’s why telescopes are kind of time travel machines.

3. Armstrong’s Bootsprings Will be There Years From Now

In 1969, a man walked on the moon for the first time ever. Neil Armstrong has since become immortal famous for his words: “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

However, did you know that his bootprints are also immortal? 

On Earth, when you walk on dirt, you may leave a footprint, but eventually, the wind will blow away or the water will wash away any imprint your left.

And yet, on the moon, there isn’t any atmosphere. Therefore, the boot marks could stay on the moon’s surface for millions of years to come.

4. It’s Really Quiet in Space

Whenever we watch space movies, there is always classical music in the background. We seldom experience the true silence which is a feature of space. 

Since sound waves require a medium in order to travel, you cannot hear anything in space. If you want some peace and quiet, you’ll always be able to get it in outer space.

5. Venus is Weird

They say that “time flies when you’re having fun.” And yet, on Venus time doesn’t work quite the same. 

Just spending one year on the planet of Venus is the same as 224 days on Earth. However, a single day on Venus is the same as 243 days on Earth.

Therefore, a day on Venus is longer than a year. That’s because the planet rotates slowly on its axis. It also rotates backward which makes it even stranger. 

But, Venus is also Earth’s “sister planet” as it is around the same size and it’s next to us. 

6. The Sun Is Heavy 

When you look up at the sun, you probably don’t think that the sun is heavy. You probably concentrate on how hot it is or how brightly it shines.

But, the sun is actually more than 99 percent of the solar system’s mass. That’s pretty heavy. It’s also huge. You cannot realize how big the sun is from looking up at it from Earth.

But, you could fit around 1.3 million copies of Earth inside the big ball of fire that is the sun.

7. We Only Know 5 Percent

We have developed our knowledge of the universe at a rapid rate over the past few centuries. And yet, we barely know anything. In fact, the observable matter in the universe itself is only 5 percent.

That includes the stars and planets which are in our solar system. However, dark energy and matter probably make up the rest of it.

Thus, there is another 95 percent of the universe that we don’t know about yet. We’re only just getting started!

8. The Universe Is Expanding 

The universe isn’t staying the same either. We know that the universe is actually getting bigger and bigger. It was discovered in the late 1990s that dark energy is responsible for this.

However, we also know that the process of expansion has slowed. We don’t really know what happens now!

9. There Could be More Universes

Even though we don’t know everything about our universe, there could be even more universes to discover.

This theory of multiple universes is called “eternal inflation.” Maybe the big bang also sparked the creation of many other universes.

We don’t know whether this is true or total nonsense. But, it’s a fascinating thought!

10. You Could Reach Pluto With Your DNA

If you removed your DNA, you could stretch it out to over 34 billion miles. That’s enough to travel to Pluto and back again – over and over again.

Unbelievable But True Facts

There are many facts about the universe that appear strange and weird. But, actually, many things about the universe are unbelievable but true facts.

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