How to Win at Betting: A Complete Guide

What’s your favorite thing to bet on?

Football, golf, tennis?

What if we told you that no matter what sport you chose, you could double your odds of winning every time you place the bet? Not only that, what if you could also avoid placing bets that were doomed to fail?

When you start taking steps to become a professional better, it’s less about chance and more about skill. If you want to learn how to win at betting, then this article is for you.

Our betting guide will cover all of the betting basics, and strategies, along with a few tips you’ve never heard before. Don’t miss out on your next big win!

Read on to learn how to make consistent money betting.

Learn the Basics First

The first step for learning how to win at betting is establishing all of the basics. It’s only when you know all of the basics that you can graduate into placing more advanced bets. What type of basics are we talking about?

You should be comfortable betting with a bookie and know about alternative kinds of sports betting. It’s also essential for you to understand the components that go into a sports wager.

Finally, another basic that’s great to have under your belt is knowing what fixed odds are all about. After you do a little bit of homework and learn the basics, you can start setting your betting goals.

Set Realistic Goals

What’s the best type of goal to set when you’re betting? One that you can achieve! Instead of setting unrealistic goals that will only get you down, you need to set well-researched, achievable goals.

Anyone can win a couple of wagers when betting on sports. You only have to know a bit about the sport to make accurate positions some of the time.

However, there’s a gigantic difference between winning a couple of wagers here and there and winning enough money to make a profit. When you want to profit from betting in a significant way, you’ll need to rely on more than just your sports knowledge.

If you’re just betting for fun, and you want to support your favorite team, that’s fine too! You can check out these tips for the best ways to help your sports teams and be a number one fan.

Use a Staking Plan

Another part of setting achievable goals is creating a budget and staking plan. It doesn’t matter how much money you have.

You always need a betting budget. You have to track every dollar you spend. Otherwise, you won’t know what your actual profit margin is. Your budget can be flexible in the way you lay it out.

However, the dollar amount needs to be firm. For example, you could have your budget work daily, weekly, monthly, or even on an annual basis.

Instead of setting one budget, you could have a couple that work with you throughout the year. What’s most important, though, however, is that the lump of money you put aside to go into your budget is a set amount. You can’t start adding money to your budget just because you’re winning.

Watch Out for Scamdicappers

Moving on, let’s talk about scamdicappers and how you can avoid them. Handicappers are legitimate companies that help sell pics to boost your odds of winning. Scamdicappers do the opposite by taking your money and selling you useless information.

The sports betting industry isn’t highly regulated. That means there are many scammers out there who can try to take advantage of people like yourself. Perhaps you’re new to the betting world, or you’re trying to learn unique aspects of betting.

Scamdicappers well pray on your lack of knowledge, to earn your business. These scammers will build a website, and start a company, and then start selling pics. Acting as legitimate handicappers in the industry, it can be hard to tell the scammers apart from the real deal.

The website might boast guaranteed winners in hopes of getting you excited. However, if a handicappers company sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Legitimate handicappers won’t promise you easy money. They understand that betting is never a guaranteed deal.

What about Sharp Action?

Next, another mistake you want to avoid is ignoring the intense action. One of the best ways to spot quick action is by looking for reverse line movement. In other words, when the line begins to move in the other direction of the betting percentages.

Let’s say, for example, the team you love to bet on is getting 85% of the spreads. However, you noticed that their home state falls from number 9 to number 8.

Why would the oddsmaker in a charge lower the line and give the public warriors a better number? It’s likely because there’s some sharp action taking place! Professional betters know the down hand on the opponent, and it’s causing the line to fall.

Best Line Shopping

How can you shop for the best line? Remember that every single point matters. For example, let’s say you want to bet your favorite sports team plus points.

If you have multiple accounts with several bookies, you can get a whole point for free. It might not seem like a big deal, but it can add up over time.

Underdog Advantage

Another pro tip is to never underestimate the losing team. History is full of exciting underdog stories in the sports world. You can check out some of the most insane comebacks here.

Whether it’s golf, football, or soccer, there’s likely an underdog legend. Anything really can happen! If you want to have any hope at predicting a potential underdog advantage, make sure you’re on top of your sports team research.

Do Your Research

How should you research any bet you’d like to make? We suggest using a top-down approach. Begin with all of the significant stats. Look at the oversized picture items, and then gradually work your way to all of the more minor details.

For instance, let’s say you’re getting ready to bet on an upcoming NFL game. You’d begin by looking at the game’s implications on each team’s position within the league.

Will this game mean anything special to either team? Are there any big picture factors to consider? What about playoff implications?

After you gather all of that information, you’re ready to start getting the statistics. You can keep track of stats and bets using a pay per head bookie software.

The statistics might be off the record, recent point totals, defensive stats, and even coaching trends. When you have the team statistics in front of you, begin noting the individual players along with their matchups.

How has each player been acting lately? Who are the prime matchups, and who do you think will come out on top? How will these matchup outcomes affect the game outcome? All of these are valid research questions that you should have answered before placing a bet.

Know the Bookie Language

Have you ever worked with a bookmaker before? Bookies have been around for over 100 years. Steve Brodie and Jackie Hoddler are just a couple of the well-known bookmakers from the past.

Today, bookmakers are taking advantage of digital tools to help streamline the betting process. However, the one thing that seems to be staying the same is the bookie lingo.

You can give yourself a competitive edge by fully understanding how bookies talk. You, too, can begin adopting the fun jargon to show off your betting know-how!

For instance, did you know that jolly means the favorite in the race? When a bookie says something is a carpet, it means it is a prospect with 3-1 odds.

Next, in bookie terms, a beard is a friend who is placing a bet to conceal the identity of the actual better. And finally, a scout is somebody waiting for what they believe will be a substantial wager.

Learning the bookie lingo will make it easier for you to place bets. You could also look into becoming a bookmaker yourself when the time’s right.

Of course, you’d want to gain some traction as a professional better first. That way you know the ins and outs of making money in the wagering world.

Know-How To Win at Betting

What’s 1 new thing you learned about how to win at betting? Were you reminded of the unexpected underdog advantage? How about the different types of budgets you can set based on your overall goals? Remember the main thing is to set realistic goals, one’s you can achieve.

Go ahead and put your new knowledge to the test by researching your next big bet. When you talk to your bookie, you’ll even be able to speak a little bit of the lingo! For more tips, see what the rest of our blog has to offer.

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