How to Use Eyedrops: A Step-By-Step Guide

Many Americans use over-the-counter medications, prescription drugs, and even natural health remedies.

There’s no denying the importance of proper medicine and treatment. Yet, did you know that proper hydration is also very important?

Many Americans don’t drink enough water, which in itself can be problematic. There are, though, other reasons you might need eye drops. Yet you might be unsure how to use eye drops.

Here’s how to use eyedrops the right way, including what you need to know before using them.

How to Use Eyedrops: Preparation

Eyedrops can be an easy way to soothe eye irritation. Before applying eyedrops, it’s important to be familiar with how to use them correctly.

To get started, start by washing your hands with soap and warm water. Afterward, clean the outside of your eye to remove crusted matter.

When ready, shake the drops gently and look toward the ceiling. With your index finger, press the inner corner of your eye to form a pocket. Carefully squeeze the dropper of eyedrops until one drop enters your eye.

Close your eye, tip your head backward, and press down on your tear duct gently with a clean tissue to limit the number of drops that drain away. Remember to throw away any drop-contaminated tissues in a sealed container, as well as the dropper, to prevent further contamination.

Avoiding Common Errors

It is important to not touch the tip of the dropper on your eyeball as this can lead to potential contamination and can cause irritation. After use, be sure to clean the bottle’s end and dispose of any remaining solution.

Avoid squeezing the bottle to dispense drops, as this may cause more drops to be dispensed than needed, potentially resulting in waste and adverse side effects.

Also, refraining from touching your eye with the dropper can help reduce the risk of irritation. Finally, be sure to follow the instructions provided by the doctor or pharmacist on the proper use of your eyedrops if you have any questions.

Understanding When Professional Help Is Needed

Using eyedrops can be a great way to help keep your eyes healthy, but it’s important to use them properly. First, always read the instructions before using any eyedrops, and ask your optometrist if you have any questions.

If you experience any irritation, pain, discharge, or other abnormalities, it is recommended that you seek help from a healthcare professional as soon as possible to learn about dry eye disease.

While eye drops are great for helping to keep your eyes healthy, it is important to understand the proper way to use them and when professional help is needed.

Rewards for Eye Health

Using eyedrops is easy and has great health benefits. It is important to learn how to use eyedrops properly. After following these eyedrop techniques and remembering to look up if you have any questions, you can confidently use eyedrops. Now that you know how, don’t wait to start reaping the rewards of eye health.

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