How to Transport a Car to Another State: What You Need to Know

Americans are always on the go. In fact, 40 million Americans move every year. And while most people stay in their home state, about 17 percent of those moving decide to go out of state.

And with the onslaught of remote work, thanks to a lingering pandemic, even more people are choosing to move out of state, living where they want to, rather than where the best jobs are located.

But moving across the country isn’t easy. And getting one or two vehicles to a new state can be a challenge. Wondering how to transport a car to another state? Or two or three cars?

Not everyone has the time or patience to take a multi-day road trip. If you’re looking for car transporting advice, then read on to learn how to transport vehicles interstate.

Pros And Cons Of Driving Your Car

Driving your car to another state isn’t the fastest method of transporting your vehicle. But it can be fun if you have the right perspective. 

Pros Of Driving

Whether you are going one state over, or across the country, driving your vehicle is usually the cheapest option, if you only have one car to move. If you’re driving alone, you’ll be able to fill your car with your belongings, adding storage space in case your moving truck or pod was full. 

And while most people who drive to a new state try to rush the process, getting there as fast as possible, it’s an opportunity to take a vacation. You’re going to drive through new areas you’ve never been to before. If you are able to take a few days to make the journey, it could turn into a memorable trip. 

You might be passing through big cities, national parks, expansive forests, mountains, or other attractions that are worth a visit. And if you just flew to your destination, you would skip all of that. 

Cons Of Driving

Of course, if you’re reading this article, you probably don’t want to drive. And here’s why you shouldn’t.

Most households have more than one car. And they all need to get to your destination. Having to drive two or three separate cars can suck all of the fun out of a family road trip.

While fuel will be your main expense on the trip, it won’t be cheap. Fuel prices are on the rise, especially if you move in the summertime, which is when most people move. 

Depending on how long your trip takes, it might mean staying overnight. For most, that means paying for hotels, though you can do it cheaper if you camp.

You’ll probably eat out at restaurants and buy lots of gas station snacks. The costs start adding up.

Not to mention the time off you need to take. That could be time spent working and earning an income. And you’re putting unnecessary wear and tear on your care, which will result in the need for repairs sooner or later. 

While driving your car out of state could be a fun adventure for some, it’s an expensive, time-consuming hassle for most. 

How To Transport A Car To Another State Without Driving It

Want to save tons of time by simply flying to your new home state instead of driving? Here’s how you can do that, and still have your vehicle ready for you across the country.

Have Someone Else Drive It

Many people will still need their car to be driven across the country. Maybe it’s full of belongings and pets that would be too difficult to take onto a plane.

If you don’t mind your car gaining those miles, you can have someone else drive it on your behalf. You’ll still pay for the gas, and you’ll probably also pay for the person’s return flight.

But if you choose the right person, they might make the drive for free.

Lots of people love driving across the country, especially those in their late teens and early 20s. If you have one of those people in your life, you can offer them a free road trip, and a flight back home, to drive your car for you. 

Use A Car Transport Company

Most people looking to bypass the road trip will use vehicle movers. It’s definitely one of the easiest ways to move cars interstate. Just drop your vehicle off at your local auto moves, or schedule them to come to pick it up from your home or office.

They’ll load it up, and can have it across the country in as little as five days. If the journey is shorter, so too will the time to the destination. 

The best car transport company will be able to drop the vehicle off directly to your new home for door-to-door service. 

With this method, your car won’t endure any unnecessary wear and tear. You can even choose a covered transport vehicle, to protect your car from the elements on the road. 

No fuel is needed. No risk of getting into an accident, which is very high for people on long-distance road trips. No need to pay for hotels or countless restaurants. 

Just book a flight, spend a few hours comfortably flying to your new home, and let other people worry about the vehicle. 

There are also ways you can get lower shipping rates for your vehicle, such as booking well in advance if you know when you need to move. And if you can book during the offseason, you can save a lot. Click here to learn about shipping your car in the most affordable manner possible. 

Tips For Shipping a Vehicle

If you choose to ship your vehicle, make sure to clean it, inside and out. Remove all of your belongings, as these won’t be covered by the mover’s insurance policy. 

Don’t fill the gas tank, as this can weigh down the truck. Just keep about a quarter tank. If you have any toll road sensors, remove those to avoid any charges. 

Which Option Is Right for You?

Now that you know how to transport a car to another state, it’s time to decide which option is best for you. If you need the time off anyway, taking a road trip is a great idea.

But if you don’t have time to spare, you can either have someone drive your loaded vehicle on your behalf or ship it your empty vehicle for the most secure and efficient service.

Looking for more tips like this? Head over to our blog to find other articles now. 

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