How to Properly Smoke Weed: 10 Top Tips for Beginners

About 55 million Americans regularly smoke pot. If you’re looking to join the circle of smokers, you need to know how to properly smoke weed, get high, and not look like it’s your first time. Start with these tips. 

Get Familiar With the Lingo

So this won’t help you get high, but it will help you have an overall better experience. When you first start smoking weed, there’s a lot of slang you have to get used to. Sativa, Indica, strain, blunt, pipe, bong, dab.

If you’re going to a dispensary, your budtender will be able to explain the best tools and strains and the different kinds of highs you can expect. Ask questions, it’s their job to answer. And if they’ve been particularly helpful, don’t forget to leave a tip.

Get the Right Tools

To smoke weed, you need a few basic things: weed to smoke, a smoking apparatus, and a lighter. You can easily find all of these things at a dispensary, but you can find some stuff online too.

Starting out, the two most common tools are a pipe or a bong. However, if you have a joint, all you need is a lighter.

A joint is typically the hardest on your lungs, especially as you smoke it down. There’s less to dampen the smoke along the way, so expect a coughing fit, especially if you’re not used to smoking.

A pipe will be the cheapest reusable smoking apparatus available, and many people get attached to their pipe. It’s worth picking out one you like. A pipe is less harsh on your lungs than a blunt, but it’ll be harder than a bong.

A bong is a glass vase-style object with a long neck and a place to put a bowl. You put water in the bong, and weed in the bowl, then suck the smoke through the water to cool it before it hits your lungs.

This makes it one of the gentler methods for your lungs. Bongs can give a stronger hit, so be careful.

Instead, you may consider a bubbler. They’re similar to a bong since they pull the smoke through water to cool it down, but they’re smaller too, so the hits are less intense. Look at options like this fab egg rig for ideas.

No matter what tool you choose to use to smoke your weed, the process comes down to the same few steps.

Be With Cool People in a Chill Space

Marijuana causes a deep state meditative euphoria high. Things seem more intense, and the rest of your worries seem to fade away.

But it can also cause intense paranoia that leads to a rapid heart rate. One stellar way to avoid this feeling, especially your first time, is to be around people you’re comfortable with and smoke in a place where you feel safe.

Light the Marijuana

With a lighter in one hand and your smoking apparatus in the other, light the top of the weed in your bowl. This is called the “greens” because it hasn’t been burnt yet, and it will typically have the best flavor.

If you’re in a social group, the greens are usually offered to the newest stoner, or sometimes as a favor or gift, since it’s the best hit.

The pot won’t catch on fire. Instead, it lights up in a small burning ember. Inhale on the breathing end, and suck the ember deeper into the pot. This will draw the smoke into your lungs or mouth.

Which leads us to the next step.


One of the reasons people don’t get high the first time (or first few times) they smoke is because they aren’t breathing properly. If you’re not used to smoking, you’re more likely to just hold the smoke in your mouth, which won’t get you high at all.

Instead, breathe the smoke deep into your lungs. Feel your chest or abdomen expand like you’re focusing on breathing when you meditate. You should feel the smoke in your lungs like a warm heat.

Many smokers hold their breath for a few beats to get the THC out of the smoke and into their bodies. This can help you get high faster, especially if you’re not used to smoking. Even still, a short pause is all it takes.

Take Care of Yourself

As we mentioned above, it’s important to be in a place where you feel comfortable when you’re smoking pot. There are other things you should do when you’re high to take care of yourself.

Stay Hydrated

Smoking naturally dehydrates you, so couple it with drinking a lot of water. On top of dehydration, you’re likely to get cotton mouth or other symptoms of a dry mouth. Drinking water can help to keep it at bay. 

Don’t Drive

Driving while under any influence is inherently dangerous. Instead, start smoking when you’re in a place you’re comfortable chilling for the next several hours. Order delivery if you start craving certain foods – which you likely will.

Don’t Force Yourself to Keep Smoking

If you start a coughing fit, don’t feel like you have to take another hit the next time the bong comes your way. Pass it on to the next person.

Continuing to smoke while, or shortly after a coughing fit will only make the problem worse.

It’s also important to know your limits. If you’re smoking with experienced stoners, they can smoke a lot more than you because their tolerance is high. Smoking too much is more likely to trigger paranoia than keep the good feeling rolling.

So once you’re high, don’t feel like you have to keep smoking just because everyone else is.

These Tips Show How to Properly Smoke Weed

Gone are the days of jerry-rigging a pipe out of whatever clutter was left in the back of your car. Today, you are a fancy adult who knows how to properly smoke weed.

Want to make your life better and be a better-informed individual? Keep exploring for more great content about lifestyle, fashion, health, and more!

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