How to Make Exercise Fun: 3 Tips to Help You Whoop up Your Workout

Harder, better, faster, stronger – aside from being Kanye lyrics, does this sound like what you wish your gym experience was like?

Maybe you look forward to going every day, but you’re in a rut, or maybe you’re a gym newbie who doesn’t know how to make exercise fun.

Either way, we have three solutions for you. Start enjoying your sweat-time below!

1. Create an Exciting Playlist

You go to the gym, get settled, sync up your headphones, and put on your playlist, right? That’s what most of us do.

And it’s good – music is scientifically proven to make exercise more enjoyable. Whether the beat gives you something to do reps to or you like to bob your head as you lift – working out with music is the only way to do it.

But only if you exercise to the right music. You need to think about the BPM or speed of the music and match it to your activity. There are some services that do this for you, like those that specialize in workout music.

Think about the speed you need to run vs lifting free weights. When you’re running, you want something speedy that you can time your steps with.

When you’re lifting, however, you want music that makes you feel strong and badass.

Create or download your music ahead of time for the best results. That way you don’t have to rely on your data or an overcrowded gym wifi network to jam out.

Want a bonus hack? Listen to your workout playlist while you’re getting ready for and driving to the gym. By the time you get there you’ll be pumped up and ready to go.

2. Only Do What You Enjoy

How many people do you walk by on the cardio machines every day that look miserable? Like this is the last place they’d like to be, second to the dentist?

A lot. And that’s because they’re forcing themselves to do something they don’t really like. And it’s boring if you don’t love to run. There may be a tv to look at, but what are the chances that it’s on something you want to watch?

If you don’t like doing machine cardio – don’t do it! It’s much more enjoyable to go to a Zumba class or turn your cardio into HIIT workouts.

3. Reward Yourself

When you do something, like go to the gym a certain number of times a week, reward yourself! Some would say it’s counterintuitive to reward yourself with food, but that depends on your viewpoint and your goals.

If you want some non-food suggestions, how about letting yourself buy a new protein powder or get a massage? Maybe it’s something as little as getting new headphones – or a new sports bra

The human brain responds well to rewards of all sizes.

How to Make Exercise Fun

Some people will never love exercise, and that’s okay. But going to the gym shouldn’t be something you dread. If it doesn’t work for you, find something that does – like going on long walks or swimming laps.

The only way how to make exercise fun is to pump yourself up and tell yourself it’s going to be that way – aside from using our tips, of course.

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