How to Know if Someone Hacked Your Computer: A Simple Guide

According to studies, it takes an average of 6 months for companies to identify a data breach. 

People search for weak spots and ways to take advantage of the public. They try to steal money and identities by hacking into websites, emails, and computers. 

Instead of finding out 6 months too late, how can you tell if you have been hacked?

Continue reading to learn how to know if someone hacked your computer by looking for these signs!

You Are Warned About a Virus

Getting computer virus warnings can be a confusing and deceiving way of finding out you have one.  

If you get a pop-up message claiming that your computer has detected a virus, you may want to open it with caution or not at all. Many hackers get access to your info by pretending to be an antivirus computer program that has identified “viruses.”

Unless the message comes from downloaded anti-virus software that you installed, you should avoid it. Hopefully closing out the tab and restarting your applications will get rid of the virus, otherwise, you may have to reset your device. 

Ransomware Messages Appear

Learning how to know if someone hacked your computer can come in handy, but sometimes, you will simply be told. 

This hacking trend can lock people, businesses, and government companies out of their computers until a fee is paid. People are unable to resume work and gain access to critical information if they don’t send money. Unfortunately, this trend is working for hackers and doesn’t seem to be going away. 

You should get professional, outsourced IT support to help if this happens to you. 

There Are Extra Toolbars

Have you recently logged into your favorite browser only to be surprised by a new and unknown toolbar? 

If you see an unknown toolbar on your browser, it is likely a hacker trying to break into your information. You should be able to go into your settings and control the active toolbars on your computer, get rid of any that aren’t known. You can also reset the browser back to its normal settings. 

Don’t be duped by these unhelpful toolbars.  

You Are Redirected

If you have typed something into your search engine and were redirected to another site, your computer may be hacked. 

Hackers get money from other sites when their pages get clicked on. Unfortunately, most of these clicks are coming from unsafe sources that are trying to gain access to your information. 

Learn How to Know If Someone Hacked Your Computer 

Figuring out how to know if someone hacked your computer can be helpful information if you are always online. 

Even with money and resources, it takes companies 6 months to detect a data breach. This is a long time that your personal information is exposed and can put you at risk. Instead of finding out too late, you can be proactive and find hackers right away. 

Your information should be kept private. When it becomes public by hackers, your identity is put at risk. 

Be sure to check out our blog for more articles about keeping your identity safe online and preventing being hacked! 

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