How to Incorporate Sex Toys in the Bedroom

Around 34% of Americans can’t say that their sex life is satisfying or very satisfying. This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s terrible, but even if it’s just OK, there’s plenty of room for improvement.

You can always try different positions, but what about sex toys? These aids can elevate your sex life to a whole other level!

If you haven’t used toys with your partner before though, you might not know how to jump into things. In that case, read on to find out how to incorporate sex toys in the bedroom.

Use Them for Foreplay

Many people have trouble getting hard or wet enough for penetration, so foreplay can take quite some time. You can always speed things up by throwing in a sex toy or two!

The possibilities are endless here too. You can either try mutual masturbation or have one partner focus completely on the other. Whatever you choose, some intense eye contact can be sexy!

Use Them to Edge Your Partner

Teasing your partner is a great way to build up tension. Make things extra steamy by using the best sex toys to bring them to the brink of orgasm, but not quite!

Sex toys can give you better control over edging since you can put the toys on and off their body instantly. By the end of your session, your significant other will be eager to ravish you!

Use Them in Between Rounds

It happens to everyone; you or your partner might’ve finished too quickly, and someone’s left without an orgasm. The former will need some time to recoup before you hop into the next round, so the latter can bring out sex toys from the Pleasure Chest to pleasure themselves.

While you’re regaining your strength, consider helping out your SO by using the toys on them. This can help you feel included, which can strengthen your romantic bond.

Have a Little Secret in Public

Who says you have to keep sex toys in the bedroom? There are remote sex toys that allow you to tease one another while out in public.

Of course, you should be discreet, as it’s not cool to involve others in your sexual activities. But consider bumping up the dial every once in a while to keep your partner on their toes!

You can also get apps for remote-controlled toys if you’re in a long-distance relationship or if you need to take a business trip. You can get creative with these apps and spice up your sex life!

Get Some Sex Toys and Improve Intimacy

Sex toys can be a wonderful addition to the bedroom. Not only can they take some pressure off, but they can also hit some unknown sweet spots!

So take the advice in this article and consider incorporating sex toys in the bedroom. You’ll definitely reignite passion behind closed doors!

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