How to Get Your Hookah Set Up

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When it comes to enjoying tobacco products, not everyone has experienced a hookah or even heard of one. A hookah pipe is an ancient way of smoking flavored tobacco that provides a rush of flavor that is undeniably delicious.

If you’ve recently become interested in purchasing a hookah pipe for your home, you’re definitely in for a real treat. This article takes a look at hookah set up so that you can get started as soon as possible. Keep reading to get the inside scoop on getting the most out of your hookah.

Cleaning Your Hookah 

Before you do anything else, you’ll need to clean your hookah as thoroughly as possible. Keep in mind that the first time will be a learning experience, so don’t get in a hurry.

Read the instructions that came with it and take care to not break any part of it.

Your hookah should be cleaned using a long soft brush. This might feel like a tedious process the first few times you do it, but once you get the hang of the cleaning process, you’ll get a little faster each time.

Just keep in mind that the cleaner you keep it, the more flavorful and enjoyable your smoking experience will be.

Adding Water

The bottom section of the hookah is called the vase. This is where you will pour the water. You’ll need to add about an inch of water, leaving enough space for air to properly flow through the water when smoking.

The basic principle of a hookah pipe is for the smoke to move through the water as you inhale, so make sure the amount of water you add is appropriate for the size of the vase.

Remember to keep an eye on the water level and as needed. But be careful not to overfill or you’ll have difficulty pulling the smoke.

Some people add a few ice cubes to their vase to cool the water, but this is a matter of preference and isn’t always necessary.

Inserting the Hookah Shaft

Now you’re ready to insert your hookah shaft into the base. This is the part that carries the smoke up from the bottom of the vase.

Make sure that the shaft is airtight before using it, otherwise it won’t work effectively. If you notice that you’re having difficulty pulling smoke up the shaft, this could be a sign of a bad rubber or silicone seal. You’ll have to replace the seal in order to solve the problem.

And if the seal doesn’t fit properly, feel free to trim it a bit as needed until it seats snugly in place.

Connect the Hookah Hose

The hose is designed to deliver the smoke directly to the user. Be sure to invest in a quality hookah hose to ensure the best smoking experience.

You’ll notice that the hookah shaft has at least one hole design to fit the hose. If your hookah is designed to accommodate multiple users at a time, you can connect the corresponding number of hoses. 

Take a moment to double-check each hose connection to make sure it’s airtight. You’ll also want to check the water level. If there’s too much water, it can flood the hose, causing it to get spoilt.

Check out this brass hookah.

Checking Your Airflow

The quality of airflow is actually the most important aspect of your hookah smoking experience. After all, if the air won’t flow properly through the shaft and the hose, you won’t be able to fully enjoy the flavor of the tobacco.

Try to inhale. The smoke should flow easily through the hose. 

If you notice a problem, check the various points for a blockage, and don’t be afraid to dismantle it and start from scratch. Keep in mind that it takes very little for a clog to form and restrict proper airflow.

Occasionally the “grommet” can leak. This is a gasket located between the bowl and the body that helps seal the joints. Replace the grommet whenever necessary, and you should notice a vast improvement in the quality of your smoking experience.

Stir the Shisha

What is shisha? Great question.

Shisha is actually another name for hookah tobacco. It’s a combination of tobacco, molasses, glycerine, and some form of flavor additive. 

When you inhale on the pipe, the flavor additive is carried by the smoke up the shaft and through the hose. It’s important to understand that the shisha tends to settle at the bottom of the vase. Thus you will need to stir it frequently so that it stays nice and wet and keeps your smoke tasting as rich as possible.

If you’re a first-timer, consider using shisha that’s tobacco-free. Why? Because tobacco can be a bit strong. You might need to acclimate before tobacco so that you won’t feel overwhelmed. 

Packing the Shisha

Let’s talk for a moment about breaking the shisha and packing the bowl. Keep in mind that this is somewhat of an art form.

Packing the shisha too tightly will restrict airflow, and filling too much near the top can cause the tobacco to burn. So be sure to pack it loosely and leave some space at the top. 

Now cover the shisha bowl with a metal screen or heavy-duty foil. Close the foil at the edges to that air cannot enter from the sides.

Once the bowl is filled, it’s ready to be placed at the top of the hookah shaft. Poke 10 or 15 holes in the foil for increased airflow.

Placing the Coil

This step is very important. After all, proper placement of the coil will make a significant impact on your overall smoking experience. 

Place the coil at the top edge of the foil. Keep in mind that placing the coil in the middle of the shisha will result in an unpleasant burnt or charred flavor.

A Beginner’s Guide to Hookah Set Up

Chilling with friends and savoring flavored smoke from a hookah is a great way to spend the evening. Fortunately, these tips for hookah set up will help maximize your smoking experience.

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