How to Figure out the Right Kratom Dose for You

Kratom is a root with magical properties. Many people find themselves using kratom to replace daily pain relievers, antidepressants, stimulants, etc.

Kratom is non-addictive so it’s popular within the sober community, it allows people to be pain-free without worrying about becoming addicted to opiates. Research states that kratom use is effective with arthritis, fibromyalgia, and restless leg syndrome. 

The dose of kratom changes what it will treat. A lower kratom dose will stimulate the body, where a higher one acts as a sedative. You may be interested in healing your body with this natural magic but what is the proper dose for what you’re trying to achieve? 

Continue reading for our detailed diagram on how to properly dose Kratom for your ailment. 

Kratom for Pain Relief

First, to figure out what would be the kratom dose to help you, you have to figure out what you need. Are you hurting? Are you dealing with anxiety or depression? Do you need a little pick-me-up? 

Remember the size dosage changes what the kratom will do.

Pain is one of the most popular reasons people take kratom. If you suffer from chronic pain you know it’s a difficult condition to treat, so a higher dose may be needed if you. 

For mild pain, take 2-3 grams. For moderate pain, take 3-5 grams. For severe, take 5-7 grams.

For chronic pain, you may have to dose more often than for other reasons but kratom experts recommend keeping your dosages to a minimum to avoid side effects and developing a high tolerance. 

You can find kratom in capsule form, or you can brew it into a tea. You can buy kratom online from places like Bumble Bee Botanicals Kratom

Kratom for Anxiety/Depression

Kratom has mood-lifting effects that users say help relieve their anxiety or depression. These doses are smaller than treating pain relief or opiate addiction but everyone is different. 

A mild dose of kratom for mood-lifting would be 2 grams. A moderate dose would be between 3-4 grams. A high dose would be around 4-5 grams.

Taking kratom for mood-lifting should be done every few days to experience the peak effects and avoid creating a tolerance to the substance. 

Kratom From Opiate Addiction And Withdrawal 

Kratom mimics the feeling of an opiate but its not addictive. This effect makes kratom highly effective in curving opiate withdrawal with the right doses.

Withdrawal doesn’t look the same between each individual, because of this you may need to take a higher dose than someone else. 

Typically it’s smart to take the minimum kratom dosage when withdrawing so you can still eat some food, and get some proper rest to ride out the withdrawal.

Mild withdrawal takes 2-3 grams. Moderate withdrawal takes 3-5 grams. Severe withdrawal takes 5-8 grams. 

Taking 7-8 grams of kratom may cause you to experience some side effects but often these side effects, like dizziness, are better than the cruelness of withdrawal.

Calculating Kratom Doses

Doses that are too high or too low may ruin the efficiency of the root. Make sure you always take the minimum kratom dose that works for your ailment. 

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