How to Drive on the Highway: Top 3 Safety Tips

You might expect that roads are safer since many stopped commuting as much due to the pandemic.

The truth is much to the contrary, as people seem to have lost all sense of street caution: Car crashes became deadlier than they used to be despite an overall decrease in the number of crashes.

You might think you know how to drive on the highway, but you may have forgotten some essentials. Check out these tips for new drivers and the well-experienced alike to stay on top of road safety.

1. Stay Away From Dangerous Conditions

If it were as simple as driving only when it’s nice and sunny, and when there aren’t many people on the road, you can bet most drivers would do it. But, there are some workarounds you might not have considered.

If the weather is bad or it’s a peak travel time, see if your errands can wait until another time. If you can’t avoid it, try carpooling or taking turns with friends to help each other get things done when you’re each out of the house. It might feel like a hassle at first, but doing errands in as few trips as possible and carpooling both keep the roads safer and cut down on emissions.

2. Use Designated Drivers or Take a Taxi

Another thing that doesn’t require you and everyone you know to take separate cars is going to parties and other social events. When drinking is involved, returning to the designated driver system encourages responsible behavior on multiple fronts.

If nobody wants to commit to sobriety, commit to not driving. Take a taxi, Uber, or another third-party ride to get there, so you aren’t tempted to drive back.

3. Missed Your Exit? It Can Wait, for Real

It’s bad enough to be running late, but traffic or another distraction making you miss your exit can make it feel like you’re losing your mind. No matter what happened to put you in that position, if you’re past the safe distance for merging onto an exit, stay calm and wait. Take the next exit, turn around, keep driving on the freeway for a second, and try again.

Imagine how peeved you’d be if you found out the traffic congestion holding up your commute was because somebody couldn’t wait one more minute to exit and caused a wreck while rushing off the road. You don’t want to be the one explaining your own mistake to an auto accident lawyer.

Stay Safe With the Right Advice on How to Drive on the Highway and More

Now you know these top safety tips for how to drive on the highway. With this information, you’ll not only keep yourself safe and out of trouble but also protect everyone on the road.

We know you care about doing the right thing, so we have the right information to help you do it. Please take a look around our site for more smart tips to live well and be a good person. Plus, take some time off to enjoy fun lifestyle articles—you earned it.  

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