How to Buy a Boat: A Guide to Finding Your Perfect Watercraft

Are you buying your first boat? Unless you’re in the market for a small rowboat or a canoe, a boat is a big purchase! 

Much like your choice of automobiles reflects how you use it, there are different types of boats for different kinds of water adventures. From fishing boats to speed boats, choosing the best watercraft takes some research and guidance. 

If you’re in the market for a boat, here’s how to buy a boat. 

Start With the Right Category

You can begin to narrow your boat options by finding the right category for your needs. 

While there are a lot of different kinds of boats, each boat typically falls under one of three categories. 

  1. Cruising Boats
    If you enjoy time relaxing on the water in a boat, a cruising boat might be for you. These boats are perfect for entertaining and leisure. 

    A pontoon boat with a cabin is an excellent choice of a cruising boat. Spend a day or a few days on the water in one of these boats. 

  2. Watersport Boats
    If you prefer a little more action on the water, you need a watersport boat. These watercraft appease your need for more speed. Pull water skiers or wakeboarders with your power boat. 
  3. Fishing Boats
    Make a great fishing trip with the perfect fishing boat. The cockpit design of these boats gives you the right amount of space to sit with your rod and reel for the catch of the day. 

After you decide on the category for what you want to do on the water, think about how much you want to spend. 

Determine Your Budget

Know how much you can spend before you start looking for boats!

It’s easy to overspend on a boat. From low-end to all the bells and whistles, the perfect boat for you fits the budget you can afford. 

Boats are supposed to be fun! Make a list of must-have features for your boat. Stick to that list to avoid going over budget or putting yourself into debt over something that’s supposed to bring joy to your life.  

If you can’t find the perfect mix of features for the budget you have in mind, consider a custom boat. Check out this link for more info about these boats.

Used vs. New vs. Retailer vs. Private

There’s no absolute rule when it comes to choosing a used boat vs. a new boat, or when buying from a retailer vs. a private sale. 

Do your research before buying a boat–no matter your source of purchase. Make sure a mechanic checks out a used boat. Do your homework about the seller and the history of the boat. 

Don’t Stress When Learning How to Buy a Boat

The decision to buy a boat means you’re ready to enjoy time on the water. Learn how to buy a boat to relieve the stress from the process. 

After you get your boat, you’ll need boat accessories! Check out our article about daily deal sites that can help you stock your boat for less.

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