For the Future Fashionista: Fabulous Gift Ideas for the Fashionable Tween Girl in Your Life

Finding just the right gift for a tween can be challenging.

With their taste and interests constantly evolving, how do you find a present you know they will love? Especially if that tween happens to be hard to please and is a fashionista.

You can’t give this tween girl fashionista any old thing, it must be fabulous! Here are some chic and stylish gift ideas for the tween fashionista in your life!

Gifts to Spice up a Tween Girl’s Wardrobe

But first, fashion. What do you get for the stylish girl who has everything? More items for her ever-expanding wardrobe, of course! Kids fashion can be tricky, but these ideas should work for any girl.

Here are some of our favorite fashion-forward finds.

Iron on Patches

Every super stylish girl knows you don’t follow trends. You start them. She’ll want something that’s custom and uniquely her. Help her out by giving her an assortment of iron on patches.

These patches can customize her favorite jean jacket, hat, backpack, or shirts (with the help of mom or dad of course). Try to find patches that represent her interests and or hobbies. You might even want to include a plain clothing iron to match the iron on patches to get her started.

Cozy Unicorn Hoodie

Tween girls love unicorns, and what better way of celebrating this unicorn admiration than with this sleek unicorn hoodie? This one from Target comes complete with a unicorn horn, gold wings on the back, and rainbow mane. This is sure to make a statement in school.

Unicorn Onesie

Why stop at a unicorn hoodie? Maybe she dreams of going head to toe unicorn. Well, those dreams can come true with this Unicorn Onesie.

This comfy polyester will keep her warm during sleepovers, camping, or even on cold nights at summer camp.

For Her Phone

There’s a good chance this tween fashionista is glued to her phone. Can you blame her? The fashion world never sleeps!

Help her jazz up her most prized possession with these fun phone accessories.


No tween’s phone is complete without a statement PopSocket. These affordable knobs let her keep her phone upright so she can watch Youtube videos or take selfies handsfree. PopSockets come in a huge range of colors and designs to suit her style.

We also love these accessories because it makes it that much harder for her to drop her phone. And we know how expensive shattered screens are to repair.

Unicorn Portable Charger 

There is nothing worse than your teen with a dead phone. Now there are no excuses that her phone is dead with this stunning unicorn portable charger. This device has batteries so she can power up easily on the go.

For Sleepovers

There’s a good chance this fashionista has a very full social calendar. Be it sleepovers or sleepaway camp, these gifts are sure to keep her fashion-forward no matter where she goes.

Mermaid Tail Blanket

Let her unleash her inner mermaid with this magical knit blanket. This footless blanket is made out of bright, soft, and super cozy material. Perfect for curling up to watch a movie.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Film Cameras

This is the gift that really keeps on giving. Help her capture every outfit, style, and memory with this cute camera. This camera is sure to be a hit at any girls night and is perfect for scrapbooking.

BFF Gifts

Here’s a gift that your fashionista and her BFF can enjoy. These gifts like peanut butter and jelly mug or pillow can even come personalized with the girl’s names!

Bracelet Making i-loom Device and App 

Another great bestie gift is this bracelet making kit. Let your tween fashionista easily make friendship bracelets with her BFF.

This connects to an iPad to design stunning custom bracelets like a real fashion designer.

Fashionable Arts & Craft Gifts

If your fashionista is an aspiring fashion designer, then feed her dream with these crafty gifts. It’s never to early to practice! These gifts will challenge her to make designs of her own.

Equestria Girls Fashion Design Sketch Portfolio

If your fashionista is always sketching and obsessed with Equestria Girls then this is a perfect gift. Each portfolio comes with 100 stickers, 40 sketch sheets, and 5 stencil sheets, so it’s sure to keep her busy!

This kit helps her create stylish styles for Equestria Girls Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, Apple Jack, and Fluttershy. The stencils help her design the looks and the stickers help accessorize her masterpiece.

My Fabulous Look Book 

Another great gift for an aspiring fashion designer is My Fabulous Look Book: Fashion Drawing Made Easy. This book has sketched outlines that are lightly sketched of accessories and people. She can easily design her own accessories, outfits, hairstyles, and make-up over these sketches.

This book even comes with a look book so she can display her favorite designs and show them off in a portfolio just like a professional designer. This kit also comes with a set of colored pencils!

Sculpt Cute Charms

If your fashionista has an interest in jewelry design, this gift is a great place to start. This kit comes with colorful clay that bakes in the oven, jewelry fastening, a charm bracelet, a drying tray, glaze, a brush, and an easy to follow instruction book.

This soft flexible clay is easy for any tween to work with. She can create over 35 different types of charms ranging for animals to food.

Threadless Sewing Machine

If the thought of giving your tween fashionista a real sewing machine freaks you out, consider this safer alternative. This threadless sewing machine lets her learn how to sew as she makes a range of cute designs.

As the name promises, this machine uses no thread, so it’s less messy. All she will do is follow the dotted line, and the sewing machine stitches fabric together with a threadless seam. This gift is perfect for any beginner sewers.

Get Your Fashionista a Gift Today!

Hopefully, these gift ideas inspired you. Whether you go with something for this tween girl’s wardrobe, phone, for sleepovers, or arts and crafts gift, your fashionista will love her gift. For more fashion inspiration, check out our blog.

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