First Time Home Seller? 4 Tips for Selling Your House

Selling your home can be a long and drawn-out process. The longer it takes, the more discouraging it can be, especially if you have found your next dream home and need the money from your sale to finance the purchase.

If you’re a first time home seller, read on for some tips that can help you close your sale as quickly as possible.

1. Clean It Out

The simplest yet most effective thing that you can do to make your home more appealing to buyers is to clean it. While you can hire a professional home stager to clean and arrange your belongings, you can also clean your home yourself to save some money.

Focus on emptying as much as you can out of your closets and living spaces. Consider packing some of your things up early and keeping them in a storage unit. This makes your home seem larger and less cluttered and cuts down on future packing time as well.

2. Be Available for Showings

Though this may not fit into your schedule, one of the most effective ways you can speed up the sale process is by making your home open for showings. If you require notice, even a day’s notice, before a showing, you risk reducing the number of potential buyers who swing by.

3. Upgrade Your Property

Another way to make sure that your home sells quickly is to do all maintenance work required on your home before listing it for sale. The worst thing that could happen is a buyer putting an offer in, and then something turns up on the inspection.

By doing an inspection ahead of time, you’ll streamline the sale (and make an offer more likely, since there won’t be visual signs of damage and wear that could discourage buyers). Stay away from major upgrades, like remodeling your kitchen, because you’re unlikely to get back the entire value of the project. Instead, focus on superficial upgrades that boost your home’s curb appeal, like landscaping, new windows and doors, and a new coat of paint on your siding.

4. First Time Home Sellers Should Consider Cash Buyers or Real Estate Investors

Buyers who offer to pay for the value of your home outright in cash are usually investors. Selling to a real estate investor is a great choice for homeowners who say to themselves “I want to prioritize selling my house quickly for cash.” Since these buyers are looking to either tear down, renovate, or quickly resell your property, selling to a cash buyer usually means that you won’t have to do work on your home yourself.

You also do not have to go through a real estate agent or wait for your buyer’s funding to be approved by a bank. Your home’s sale can be closed in a matter of days or weeks instead of months, and you’ll have the full payment in your bank account immediately upon closing.

It Can Happen Quickly But Don’t Expect an Overnight Sale

All of the above tips can help speed up the sale of your home, but don’t expect instant results. It takes a while for buyers to search through listings, and longer still for them to settle on a decision. If you’re a first time home seller, don’t take the first offer you get just to close – wait until you get the full value of what you think your home is worth.

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