Feng Shui And Fountains – Creating A Peaceful, Prosperous Home

Fountains and other water features play a key role in feng shui. They are available in a variety of styles ranging from small tabletop fountains too large floor-standing models. There are even fountains available that can be mounted directly on the wall. In terms of feng shui, any fountain style can benefit your home. By allowing you to bring water’s natural energy into your living space, they can help create a balanced space that is both peaceful and free from conflict.

Feng Shui Fountains Can Benefit Your Home

Fountains are commonly seen in feng shui, largely because they provide an opportunity to tap into the energy of water. In feng shui, water represents prosperity and wealth. Its free-flowing nature allows it to take on many different forms, ranging from solid to liquid or gas. It is also essential for every life form living on the planet. Bringing water into your home can help you create a space that is not only filled with nourishing energy but that also promotes prosperity and wealth.

Selecting The Right Fountain For Feng Shui

There is a common misconception that you have to purchase an Asian-style fountain if you want to enjoy its feng shui benefits. In fact, however, any style of fountain will work. That means that you can choose a fountain that works well with your existing decorating scheme.

The materials that were used to make the fountain are also not important. You can choose a fountain that is made from any material ranging from natural stone to ceramic, metal, plastic, concrete, or wood.

You should, however, choose a fountain that is simple to clean and that has a quiet motor. Typically, fountains that have sharp angles or small spaces are difficult to clean. You also may want to choose a fountain that is a bit on the larger side. That way, you won’t have to add water to it quite as frequently.

If you want to boost the Sheng Chi of your fountain, consider adding some stones or crystals to the area where the water is held. If you want, you can even add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the water to create a pleasing aroma that further enhances your space.

Choosing The Right Location For Your Fountain

If you want to get the most benefit from your fountain, it is important to place it in the right location. Typically, the best areas are in the north, east, or southeast portions of your property or of the room where the fountain will be placed. Here are the different benefits that you can enjoy with each unique placement:

* The north. In feng shui, the north is associated with your life path and your career. Because fountains are associated with prosperity in feng shui, this is a great location to place one in your home.

* The east. In feng shui, the east is associated with health and family. Placing the fountain in this area of your home can help create peace in your family while at the same time encouraging both physical and mental health and well-being.

* The southeast. In feng shui, the southeast is often associated with money and wealth. Placing a fountain in this part of your home can not only increase the amount of money that you have but it can also bring abundance in other areas of your life.

Areas To Avoid Placing A Fountain

There are also some areas of your home where you should not place a fountain according to Outdoor Art Pros. Putting the fountain in the wrong place can lead to unwanted problems. The places that you should avoid include bedrooms, the areas underneath any stairways, and in the south portion of your home.

Placing a fountain in the south can create conflict since the south is usually reserved for fire elements. Locating a water element in an area that is associated with fire can create bad energy in your space.

You should also avoid putting a fountain in a bedroom, even if the bedroom is located in the right part of your home. Fountains can cause sorrow and can exacerbate worry when they are located in a bedroom. They can also cause physical problems such as colds or breathing difficulties. You should also avoid placing a fountain directly underneath the area where a bedroom is located. If you decide to put the fountain in a room that is close to your bedroom, make sure that the sound of the water is quiet enough that you can’t hear it while you sleep.

Lastly, avoid putting a fountain underneath a stairway. According to feng shui, this can negatively impact any children living in the home, creating bad energy that can cause health issues or other unwanted problems.