Eating Green, Living Green: Why You Need More Greens in Your Diet

In 2013, more than 95% of people from all over the world had some form of a health problem. What’s more, an estimated two to three billion people suffered from five or more ailments.

In the United States alone, almost 10% of workers report suffering from an illness in any given week. Despite being sick, some three million sick employees still go to work every week.

The thing is, many of these ailments are preventable, if we only made better dietary choices. Eating healthier starts with eating green, and by that, we mean your dark leafy veggies.

But why exactly do you want to get more greens in your system? There are plenty of reasons why, and we’ve listed five below that should be enough for you to crave these plants.

1. They’re Your All-Natural Multi-Vitamin Source

In a country where the average person consumes 3,600 calories a day, you’d think we’re all nourished, right? Unfortunately, this isn’t the case, with up to a third of the population at risk of one vitamin deficiency.

These can be deficiencies in A to E vitamins. But Vitamin D deficiency is the most common, with up to 95% of people lacking it. Also, a third of Americans lack in Vitamin B6.

Luckily, these vitamins are abundant in greens like spinach, kale, and Swiss chard. Lettuces, beet greens, mustard greens, cabbage, and broccoli are also winners.

Moringa oleifera is also a powerhouse of A to E vitamins. It even surpasses the Vitamin E content of almonds! For a complete list of its nutrients, check out

2. Eating Green, Leafy Veggies Keeps the Doctor Away

Eating an apple a day is so yesterday since leafy greens give you more chances of staying healthy today (or for the rest of your days).

Okay, you should still eat your apples, but you’d want to get more greens for a stronger immune system. The carotenoid content of dark greens helps repair the immune system’s mucous membranes. These serve as one of the main defenses of the body.

Some of the best types of leafy greens for this job include spinach, moringa, and broccoli. No time to pop by the market or grocery? No worries — sites like Blue Apron can deliver them to your doorstep.

3. They’re a Non-Dairy Source of Calcium  

Spinach, kale, moringa, and turnip greens contain high amounts of bone-protecting calcium. But they’re not only for stronger bones — you also need this mineral for healthy hair, skin, and muscles. They also play a role in nerve processes and hormone production.

4. They’re a Superior Source of Antioxidants

In 2018, experts estimated that over 1.73 million people developed some type of cancer. And while some cancers attack for unknown reasons, up to 40% are preventable. Yes, healthier lifestyle and dietary choices can lower risks for some types of cancer.

With their high antioxidant content, green leafy veggies may help prevent cancer. A daily dose of a dark green meal can lower your risks for breast, skin, and stomach cancer.

5. They Keep You Powered Up

A study found that plants can directly supply mammals with energy. To be more specific, the plants’ chlorophyll does this, which gives them their green color. It appears that by eating leafy vegetables, we can get our energy supply topped up.

Granted, this is one of the more recently discovered benefits of greens, and it needs more studies. But there are so many other health benefits of greens that it should be enough for you to feast on them.

Greens Aren’t Only a Dieter’s Best Pal

Eating green isn’t only for weight-conscious people, although that’s a much-welcome bonus. The five reasons we listed above are only a few of the many other health benefits of greens. They can also improve your gut and protect you from inflammatory diseases.

So don’t wait to get more greens into your system. Make it a daily habit to consume dark green plant-based meals and you’ll look great and feel even better!

Looking for more healthy hacks that you can start doing now? Then be sure to check out our collection of health sites that’ll point you to the healthier direction!

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