Ease Those Tired Muscles: Benefits of Getting a Massage After a Workout

Are you considering getting a post-workout massage, but you’re not sure if it’s worth it?  We can tell you that it is. 

Getting a massage after working out can help you feel great physically and mentally. Not only does it help you relax, but also means that you can recover faster and stay healthy. 

Keep reading to find out more about the benefits of massage, and why you need to try it. 

Types of Massage 

Many types of massage can be a huge benefit after you’ve worked out. You could have a massage at your gym, home, or by a certified massage therapist. 

Massages can be given in person by a massage therapist or using equipment and technology. Have you considered visiting a nearby massage parlor or spa? Or take a look at the best massage chairs that are available right now, that you could have a massage in your own home. Any of these could hugely help you after your workout. 

Benefit 1: Improve Blood Flow 

Getting a massage improves the blood flow throughout your entire body. Good circulation is essential for every organ, muscle, and part of your body. Increased blood flow means that more oxygen is traveling around your body.

This has a huge number of health benefits, and the importance of healthy blood flow cannot be underestimated. Some of these benefits include better wellbeing, more energy, increased physical strength, and stronger immunity. 

Benefit 2: Reduce Sore Muscles

When you work out, you push your body and your muscles. You challenge your physical boundaries and comfort zone. You make your body work harder. 

So, you’ve probably felt sore for a couple of days after exercising. A massage can help make this less painful. 

A massage helps to get the lactic acid and toxins out of your muscles and works out any knots that you might have. That way, your body is in less pain and you’re able to move freely. Get a massage, and forget about the days of soreness and stiffness after you work out! 

Benefit 3: Prevent Injuries 

Inflexibility is one of the main causes of injuries. 

Getting a massage after you work out helps you to stay flexible by reducing stiffness in joints and muscles. Massages can help you to maintain and even increase your flexibility, helping you to prevent injury. 

Massage also helps to work out any pressure points, knots, or small sore spots that could progress to an injury in the future. This preventative treatment helps to ensure that you can continue to work out without pain. 

Benefit 4: Speed Up Recovery 

Research shows that getting a massage after intense physical activity or exercise results in less muscular damage. It helps muscles to recover better and faster than they otherwise would. 

For muscles to heal quickly, they need to rebuild cells. For this, they need more oxygen which is delivered in the bloodstream. 

Post work out massages help because they increase circulation, meaning more oxygen is delivered to the muscles more quickly. This means that they can rebuild their cells. 

That’s why post-work-out massages can help to speed up your physical recovery. 

Benefit 5: Decrease Inflammation 

When you work out, you may slightly damage the muscles or tissues in your body. When this happens, your body reacts by sending white blood cells to help protect and heal that area of your body. Swelling can be a common side effect of this. This is called inflammation; it’s a protective process. 

Normally, swelling is done to keep your body safe. However, too much swelling and inflammation can lead to additional stiffness and pain in your joints and muscles. This is because it can prevent your full range of motion. 

A massage after your work out can help by reducing inflammation, therefore reducing swelling and preventing additional discomfort or eventual injury. 

Benefit 6: Have More Energy 

A massage sends more blood – therefore more oxygen – to your muscles and throughout your entire body. As we’ve mentioned, blood flow is essential for your body to function. By increasing your blood and oxygen flow, your overall energy and endurance can increase drastically. 

This increased blood and oxygen flow also mean that you can recover more quickly from physical exercise and prevent injuries. It allows you to continue exercising and staying active. This itself releases endorphins that improve mood and overall energy levels. 

Benefit 7: Reduce Stress and Anxiety 

Stress and anxiety can have an enormous effect on our bodies. Sometimes this is unconscious, and we don’t realize the toll it has on our physical and mental health. 

One way to reduce stress and anxiety is to get regular massages. It increases blood and oxygen flow around your entire body, helping to reduce stress. It also encourages your body and muscles to physically relax. This then helps you to mentally relax as well. 

In addition, physical exercise can be an effective and powerful way to deal with stress and anxiety. Regular massages allow you to work out more regularly without pain or injury. That way, you can continue to manage your stress and anxiety through exercise.

Benefits of Massage 

As you can see, there are a huge number of benefits to getting a massage. After your work out, consider getting a massage to reduce soreness, encourage healing, and improve your overall health and well-being. 

Try it, and you won’t be disappointed!

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