Drug Problem? Learn How to Pass a Urine Drug Test

Although many people are surely not happy with it, drug testing employees is completely legal under federal law.

If you’ve got a urine test coming up, however, you’re in luck. Urine drug tests are the easiest ones to beat.

Continue reading and we’ll show the various ways for how to pass a urine drug test.

Use Synthetic Urine

People have gotten very creative for ways to pass drug tests. And one of the most creative and successful ways is to use synthetic urine.

For example, the Whizzinator comes with dehydrated synthetic human urine, a 4oz reservoir, a strap, and a prosthetic flaccid penis!

To use something like the Whizzinator, you have to mix water with synthetic urine. You then inject the urine into the reservoir bag and, by using a heating pad, let the urine heat to 98 degrees Fahrenheit.

Then use the on/off valve to let the urine flow. And that’s it! Drug test passed.

Wash Yourself Out

One way to possibly pass a urine test to dilute the concentration of drugs in your body. You can do this by taking in more fluid and urinating more. 

Two hours before taking the drug test, you should fill your bladder with liquids. Drink as much as you possibly can. Water is best in this situation.

There’s no evidence that vinegar, Vitamin C, goldenseal, or niacin will help. Taking high dosage aspirin can help, however.

If you can try to wash yourself out several days before. Drink plenty of water and try to exercise and sweat as well.

And you should never have your first urination session of the day be for the drug test. Drug metabolites will build up during your sleep and be most concentrated in the morning.

And while you’re drinking all of this water before the urine test, it might help to take a large dose (100 milligrams) of vitamin B-2. This is available in B-complex multivitamins. 

This vitamin B-2 will help give your urine a yellow color to it. Vitamin-C, contrary to popular belief, won’t do the job.

Urine that’s clear can make some collectors suspicious. In rare cases, some labs might even reject your urine sample if it’s too watery. And if that happens, you’ll more than likely have to take the test again.

Because of this, you should wait until your test results have been confirmed before you go back to engaging in drug-related behavior.

The Importance of Knowing How to Pass a Urine Drug Test

There are many myths and rumors out there that claim to tell you how to pass a urine drug test. Unfortunately, many of these “solutions” are wrong and can result in you getting fired, or worse.

Using synthetic urine and flushing out your system are the two most trusted ways. It’s helpful to note that abstinence from drugs, at least in the weeks leading up to a drug test, is the best way to pass. 

But we understand that’s easier said than done.

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