Dress For Success: How to Adopt and Own Celebrity Style

Who’s your favorite celebrity? Do you watch the tabloids for news and fashion styles at every opportunity?

If you’re looking to reform your closet and harness a new look, you might feel intimidated. Luckily, mimicking the stars isn’t that hard if you’re willing to put in a little effort.

Pull off the latest celebrity style when you follow these important guidelines.

Do Your Research

One of the first things you need to know about when trying to dress like a celebrity is how they actually dress. You need to find recent fashion pictures, not rely on older ones you have stored away.

Grab the most recent issue of your favorite star-studded magazine and explore the pages that show celebrities doing life just like average people. These pictures are like gold because they show celebs in casual outfits, not their Oscar dresses. These may be more like the clothes you would actually wear every day, and they may be more affordable.

Get Organized

Plan out your ideal wardrobe based on the pictures you see. What you’re looking for are pieces that celebs have actually worn. Some of the magazines will have a guide for buying a look that mimics a celebrity. They’ll write out where to find each individual piece and how much it costs.

If you don’t have that specific guidance to go off of, then try making your own list. Use descriptors you’ll recognize that will help you remember the picture when you’re adding a jacket to the list. For example, write “distressed light wash baggy denim jacket” instead of “denim jacket” or “cool jacket.” You can even cut out the picture if you want something to jog your memory.

Next, start searching online. This is the best way to find the pieces you want. Use those special descriptions you created as your search terms to help you find a retailer that carries the fashion piece you want to buy.

Mimic Celebrity Style Out of Your Existing Closet

You may not have to go shopping for an entire outfit. If you see a Chris Brown clothing style in a magazine, rather than buying the entire outfit, check in your closet to see if you have a similar white tee to the one he’s wearing before you spend half your clothing budget on a new one. Pair your existing style with the key pieces of an outfit to achieve the look without going overboard.

If you don’t think you have anything that will work, approach it in a new way. Normally you look for styles you like that your eye is drawn to. Instead, go back through the pictures and look for targeted pieces.

Focus specifically on looking for celebs who are wearing items you already own. Then you can shop the rest of their outfits, and complete the look with the styles you have at home.

Budget and Save

Not everyone can afford a celebrity’s entire outfit. Some people can’t even afford one piece of a celebrity’s outfit. If that’s you, you’ll have to figure out how much you’re willing to spend to up your fashion game.

If your current budget only allows you to spend $300 a month on new clothes, you will have to find another way to earn some clothing money, or reallocate funds from another part of the budget. Can you skip your restaurant outing this week in favor of a new dress to wear next week?

By spending less in other areas, you’ll be able to save up for that new $500 pair of shoes you saw Katy Perry wearing last week. If you don’t save up for these new expenses, you may end up racking up quite a credit card bill that’s hard to pay off.

Get Comfortable

If you’re wearing celebrity clothing styles you’ve never tried before, you may be a little uncomfortable at first. If that’s the case, then it’s time to work on some confidence boosters. Someone who’s confident in their clothing will look totally different in the same style than someone who’s nervous and unsure.

The best way to get comfortable is spend a little more time wearing the new clothes. Get used to the way they feel on your body. Don’t tug at the hem or roll your shoulders to adjust your shirt.

Make sure you have the right underclothes to go with an outfit. If you need a backless bra to achieve the right look with a shirt, go buy one. Don’t try to make an existing undergarment fit because you’ll be wiggling and pulling on it all night long.

Double check that you’re en pointe. If you’re already wearing the outfit and you’re out, you may feel like people are staring. Sometimes they are looking at you, but sometimes it’s all in your head.

Either way, stop in the bathroom to make sure you’re not wearing the style wrong or flashing someone with a hemline tucked somewhere it’s not supposed to be. Then go back out and rock the style without pulling and tugging.

Distract yourself. If you still don’t feel comfortable, fake it til you make it. Try a worry stone if you need somewhere else to put your hands, or think about a new topic to keep your mind off the clothes.

A Fashion Icon

Dressing your body is a challenge and a half. Not only do you want styles that complement your body type, but also you want to harness the iconic celebrity style the media always raves about.

With the tips above, you can do both. If you do your research, get organized, and use what you have, you’ll be halfway to your goal already. The rest is easy.

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