Divorce Mediation: Everything You Need to Know

Per 1,000 people, 2.7 divorces occur for each married couple. Are you in the midst of a divorce and find that divorce mediation is the only way you and your former spouse will separate peacefully?

If so, we’re here to detail for you what you should expect when attending mediation during a divorce. This will help you to remain prepared for everything that is to come your way.

What Is Divorce Mediation?

In simple terms, divorce mediation is the best way for couples who can’t resolve things themselves to find solutions for various things that will be decided upon during the separation. For example, if former spouses are having a challenging time deciding on spousal support or separating their assets during the marriage, mediation can help with this.

During the mediator process, both parties will attend the meeting with their legal representation. There will be a mediator present that will help both parties during the negotiation without letting things get out of hand.


One thing you should know when seeking an Amicable Divorce is that the mediation process is 100% confidential. There will be no one in the room recording what is said between yourself and your former partner.

This is important because some people don’t want the things that are said in mediation to be heard by others the way they would in a formal court proceeding.

Leveled Playing Field

There are times when one spouse may have better representation than the other and appear to have the upper hand, but this isn’t the case in mediation. In mediation, it gives both parties a chance to enter a level playing field and present their documentation.

This is one of the many benefits of divorce meditation because it focuses on what will take place moving forward versus the actions in the past that brought a couple to this place.

Better for Your Budget

Taking your former spouse to court might seem like a great idea until you consider how much it will cost if the proceedings are dragged out. One thing you can expect from divorce mediation is it’s better for your pockets instead of going to court. 

Before hiring your lawyer, check a divorce mediation FAQ to identify the average amount of time that it takes couples to reach an agreement. This will help when you’re deciding on what mediator to hire for your mediation.

Divorce Mediation: Better Than Court

There are several things you can expect from divorce mediation. Things like not having to pay as much and being able to play on a level playing field.

These things are essential because the divorce process proves to be both stressful and overwhelming for many people. We hope you found everything you were looking for when scrolling through this post.

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