Different Games That’ll Get Your Blood Pumping

As a gamer, you will find yourself getting bored of the games that you normally play on occasion. For whatever reason, they’ll just stop entertaining you at some point. You don’t deserve this, though. Your time spent playing is important because it’s this precious time that you use to escape from your reality and recharge yourself so that you are ready for whatever comes next.

Accept boredom no more, and start playing games that get your blood pumping again! To see a number of the different options out there waiting for you to play them, make sure to read on.

Casino Hold’Em

If you’re tired of the video game characters that you control having all the fun, and if you want to be at the center of attention for once, then you need to be looking into taking part in a casino game. One such game that’ll truly get your blood pumping is Casino Hold’Em. As explained on the live casino guides at Unibet, this a thrilling variation of the traditional game of poker in which you aim to create for yourself the best five card hand possible. It might be luck that determines what cards you end up with and when you end up with them, but there is still some strategy that needs to be deployed when you play this game, such as deciding when is best to hold, so you will be very much involved in the action the second you start playing. 

Hunt a Killer

If you’d rather your real-life gaming experience was extended over a period of time, rather than it being completed within an hour or so at a time, then you should sign up to the Hunt a Killer monthly subscription service. When you do, you will be presented with a number of different mysteries and challenges to work out and work through over a number of months, as, each month, a box of creepy clues will be sent directly to your door. In these boxes, there could be anything from case files to crime scene photographs to first-hand stories. Your task will be to make sense of it all and, ultimately, crack the case.

Her Story

Her Story’ is a game in which the gap between the virtual world and world of real life is distorted, and it is certainly one that’ll get your blood pumping.

When you play it, this one-of-a-kind game will see you tasked with working out a murder mystery case. Specifically, you’ll be shown police interviews in which a woman is questioned over the murder of her husband, and it’ll be down to you ask her the questions. You’ll do this by typing things into the game’s highly knowledge and very flexible database, meaning your specific questions will be answered, and you’ll be truly immersed in what you’re playing.


If you’re getting a bit bored of the same old video games, then why not try playing something from the list above? When you do, your blood will undoubtedly be pumping.

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