Difference Between Online and Live High Stakes Poker

Poker is a game of strategy, mental strength, and stamina. Whether you are engaging in high-stakes online gambling or live at a casino, knowing what you’re getting involved with before playing poker is essential. So what is the difference between playing poker online versus playing live?

Online Poker

Poker on the internet lets you join games and tournaments anytime and anywhere that works for you. You don’t need to set up anything. You can just jump right in and play.

Faster Pace

The pace of online casino games tends to be faster. For example, online poker players may be dealt two times as many hands as live players in one hour. This is excellent news for online players because they get more experience in less time. People who play casino games online on sites like gamingcity.com get more win rates and variances to study in less time. Not to mention, they can make more money.

More Difficult

Live poker is more of a social game. Online poker players tend to be more focused on money than socializing. It’s another reason the game flows faster. You can also play at multiple tables at one time online. For example, if you have $500, you can do 20 buy-ins at $25, with no limit.


Online poker players are more intuitive than live players because they tend to spend more time learning more about the game using online resources. Since they are more focused on income than fun, they take the game more seriously.

Live Poker

Poker in a casino requires more strategy simply because there are other factors involved, such as seeing the physical cards people have. This alone changes how each person plays their hand compared to playing online, where you cannot see what cards your opponent has been dealt until the end of their round.

Tactics Versus Hand Quality

It’s harder to bluff in live poker because players focus more on the cards dealt than deceptive online tactics simply because you can see everyone’s cards.

Good Behavior Expected

Casinos have a more formal setting than the online poker room, so it is vital to be on your best behavior as this reflects not only on you but on the casino itself. It is especially true if you are playing high-stakes poker in the VIP section of the casino, which usually requires an invitation or sponsorship from either the hotel or club.

Small details such as being punctual for games and turning off cell phones show respect towards other players, dealers, and the establishment that allows you to play there.

High/Low Stakes

Poker in a casino has different stakes than playing online because everything is determined by what each player can afford to lose. If you are playing online, table stakes refer to the maximum amount of money allowed in the game at any given time.

For live poker games, this is slightly different as there are no virtual chips involved. Instead, each player needs to buy in for a certain amount. How much that person wants to bet (this can be either an agreed-upon amount or can go up incrementally) determines how many chips they receive upon entry.

Social Atmosphere

Live casino poker is more social than online poker because you can interact with other players and enjoy the social atmosphere of a live game rather than playing at home.

While online poker is incredibly convenient and structured, it doesn’t compare to the real-life experience of playing in a casino where people are cheering. There are drinks flowing and music to create an exciting atmosphere.

Both Require a Skill Set

Winning at online or live poker requires skill and luck as each hand can be different from the last, so adapting to change is key. If you have been playing for years and understand poker hands, this could give you an advantage because there may always be first-time players at a table who are unsure about their options.

Wrapping Up

Online and live high-stakes poker are great fun, but they require different skill sets to win. Online poker requires attention to detail, speed, and a high level of adaptability. Live poker requires good behavior and patience to handle a slower pace. Regardless of which one you choose, running out of money or a lack of skill set will drain the game of everything that makes it fun and profitable. The rules of the game are the same, but how you interact with it will be different. Your overall goal for playing will help you determine which form of the game you will play.

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