Celebrate Your Lineage: 7 Ideas for Unique Family Gift Ideas

Genealogy is now a multi-billion dollar business, ranking the second most popular hobby in the country, with gardening coming in at number one. Why are so many people searching to learn more about their family roots? Not everyone has strong family ties. 

Understanding where you come from can not only help you understand yourself but can also help you understand your family members and your culture. One way to celebrate your family ancestry is to honor the family crests. When a special occasion approaches, it’s time to start thinking about your family crest meaning and unique gift ideas that feature it!

In the guide below, there are several gift ideas that feature family crests. Continue reading to learn more!

1. Customized Challenge Coins

Custom challenge coins are a great way to celebrate special occasions with your family members. An important part of your family history comes from the different achievements your ancestors or family members completed in their lives. A challenge coin recognizes those achievements and shows appreciation for them. 

These coins can be customized for any type of event or achievement. For example, if you have military members in your family, firefighters, club members, and more, then a challenge coin is a great gift to give. These coins can then be passed down from one family member to another as different achievements are accomplished. 

2. Ancestry DNA Family Kit

To learn more about your family’s roots, you can purchase an ancestry DNA kit. There are many different options for DNA kits, so make sure to do your research before making a selection. DNA kits do so much more than simply tell you if you’re related to someone or not. 

These kits help you trace back to where your family originated from and your true ethnicity. These kits also help you find relatives you never knew about and link to other family trees. Gifting someone this type of kit is a great way to celebrate the family crest and learn more than you’ve ever known. 

3. A Large, Framed Family Tree 

How far back can you go in your family tree? If you’re only able to go back a few generations, then take the time to start speaking with the elders in the family. Contact older aunts, uncles, and grandparents to gather more information. 

Who were their parents and grandparents? Do they remember their great-grandparents? Start doing some research so you can then build your own family tree. 

If you’re able to find lots of new names and need to add multiple branches, then you can even speak with a specialist who can create a large family tree with names, dates, and small pictures on it. Then, have it framed and gift it to someone in the family. It’s a special gift they’ll cherish for years to come. 

4. A Record Binder For Family History

If you know someone who enjoys scrapbooking, then a record binder for family history is the ideal gift for them. The binder resembles an actual book, but when you open it, it’s full of family history. Inside the binder, you’ll find a variety of pages for various reasons. 

There are pages with sheets for photos, pages for you to write down family records on, pages with pedigree sheets on them, and even pages with some checklists. Gift this to someone who can fill it out on their own, or take the time to start filling it out now with everything you know and then gift it to someone to read through and add their own information. 

5. A Personalized Family Photo Collection

Start collecting photos of family members now. Try to find solo pictures of each family member and pictures of family members together. If you need to, ask them to take their photos. 

Then, start placing these photos in a photo collection. Under the photo, write their name, their age at the time, and the date the photo was taken. Try to collect older photos from older family members of grandparents and great grandparents. 

Over time, you’ll create an amazing personalized family photo collection that everyone will enjoy looking through. Gifting this to a parent or other family member is a wonderful treat. 

6. Family Crest Coffee Mugs

Do you have any coffee drinkers in the family? Take your family crest and have it printed onto a coffee mug. This is a one-of-a-kind gift that any family member will love. 

Each time they drink their coffee, they’ll be reminded of their family and where they come from. You can also have the family crest printed on a t-shirt, a blanket, a pillow, and so much more! Get creative and think of something they’d use on a daily basis and print the crest on that item. 

7. A Family Memory Jar

Each time you visit with family members, bring a family memory jar with you. Have each family member write down a memory from that day with the date and place on it. Then, have them place that memory in the jar. 

Do this for years and watch all the beautiful memories add up. Over time, you can gift that memory jar to your favorite family member. 

How Will You Honor Your Family Crests?

What are some ways you’ll honor your family crests? Take the time to research where your family comes from. The biggest honor is knowing who you are and where your roots are. 

Then, use some of the gift ideas listed in this guide above to give a family member an amazing gift they’ll cherish for a lifetime. A gift that you put a lot of thought into is the best gift you can give.

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