Bachelor of Arts Degrees in English Literature – Benefits & Uses

There are a lot of vocational university degrees, or that lead to a specific set of jobs. English Literature is not one of them. The nature of an English degree, as with a lot of other Bachelor of Arts Degrees, means that it barely narrows the scope of career prospects available to a graduate. This can be both a good and a bad thing.

On the one hand, graduates of English Literature have a variety of pathways and options available to them after graduation, but on the other hand, they may also struggle to find the career that is right for them as quickly as other graduates. Sometimes they start working as essay writers so they provide students who ask to “write my essay” with any kind of assignment. Despite this, a degree in English Literature equips the student with an expansive set of skills that are hugely transferable to a variety of jobs and career choices.

Degrees in English Literature – Key Skills

A degree in English Literature offers a plethora of skills that can be applied to the world of work. One of the most important and versatile abilities reflected in an English Literature degree is communication. Since there is such a focus on language and presentation, graduates often benefit from improved skills in both written and verbal communication.

A student of English Literature must also have excellent analytical skills and the ability to formulate a persuasive, well-structured argument. These skills, as well as being highly transferable, are also widely desired by employers; most jobs value good communication skills to some extent and analytical thinking can be applied to a variety of situations and problems. On top of this, like many other Bachelor of Arts subjects, English Literature is a research-based degree. This shows potential employers that the graduate can self-motivate and work independently to achieve their goals.

Degrees in English Literature – Popular Career Choices

While a degree in English can lead to a wide variety of jobs, there are still some popular career choices that favor the skill set acquired by a graduate in English Literature.

Teaching – This is a very popular career choice, allowing graduates to continue expressing their passion for the subject and utilizing the skills of communication learned through the degree. A postgraduate qualification such as a PGCE is required before beginning a career in teaching. Graduates may also be interested in looking into TEFLA courses (Teach English as a Foreign Language Abroad) – a popular way to combine a gap year with valuable teaching experience.

Journalism – Graduates often decide to carry on with their love of writing by moving into this field. Journalism is another form of creative expression and uses all of the skills taught through a degree in English. Whilst they are not the only option, postgraduate courses and qualifications are widely available and provide an excellent gateway into journalism.

Public Relations (PR) – Valuing the skills of communication and creativity, PR is concerned with maintaining and improving the public image of a business or individual. There are many different types of Public Relations positions, but all require graduates who are excellent communicators, meaning a degree in English Literature is a good starting point.

Creative Writing – Many degrees in English Literature offer modules in creative writing; for those graduates hoping to make a career in this competitive industry, the skills and connections discovered when studying English form an excellent foundation. According to the best essay writing service reddit, certain universities also offer Master’s degrees in Creative Writing, which could be a good way for budding writers to continue improving their talents.

Degrees in English Literature – Other Career Ideas

As mentioned earlier, one of the most useful aspects of having a degree in English Literature is that it doesn’t confine graduates to a specific job. Students who decide they want to follow a certain career path, even if it doesn’t link directly to English Literature should not be discouraged. Sometimes all that is required is careful research and some work experience in the field, and graduates can find themselves on the right track for their desired job. For example, while Business Advice and Sales may both seem like areas that are far removed from English Literature, they both desire candidates that have excellent skills of communication and can work independently to achieve their goals – two abilities that are strongly reflected in having a Bachelor of Arts Degree.

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