All About the Cost of Hernia Repair Surgery

A hernia can start out small, but if it gets to be a problem, it can be very painful.

So many patients turn to surgery to correct the issue. But if you need surgery, you may wonder about the cost of hernia repair surgery.

Many things can affect the price, so keep reading to learn about what goes into the cost of hernia surgery.

Types of Fees

When considering the cost of hernia repair surgery, you should know you may have to pay a few types of fees. First, you have to pay surgeon fees, which get the doctor to perform the procedure.

A surgeon fee can cost about $1,500, but it may be more or less. Though the cost can vary based on your location or the doctor you go to.

You may also need to pay fees for using the surgery center. That fee covers the time you spend in the operating room as well as any materials they use, such as gauze, during your surgery.

Surgery center fees can be around $2,000, or they can be more or less.

Lastly, you’ll have to pay fees for the anesthesiologist. That way, you can have a pain-free procedure, and you won’t have to be awake for it. You may need to pay about $500 for those fees.

How Insurance Can Help

If you have health insurance, consider using it to help pay the hernia repair surgery cost. Depending on your plan, you may need to pay a lot for the procedure.

At the beginning of the year, you’ll need to meet your deductible. But if you have met the deductible, you may only need to pay a small copay of 10 to 20 percent.

However, once you meet your out of pocket maximum, you may not have to pay anything at all. So, in that case, you have no reason not to go through your insurance company.

Can You Get an Estimate?

You may not always be able to get an estimate for the cost of hernia repair surgery. But it’s worth asking any doctor you visit so that you can find the best value.

While getting a cheaper procedure might sound good, it’s not always the best option. You have to consider how much experience your doctor has with hernia surgery – that way, you can have faith in your doctor. So, consider their experience as well as the cost before you decide where to get your hernia repair surgery.

How to Save on Hernia Surgery

If you want to save money on the average cost of hernia repair surgery, have a look at your insurance plan. The biggest way to save money by using insurance.

Make sure you choose a doctor or surgery center that accepts your insurance plan and be sure to verify this information before you go in for your surgery to avoid any surprises later.

Examining the Cost of Hernia Repair Surgery

The cost of hernia repair surgery can vary. Your doctor and location can affect how much you’ll have to pay.

Consider your insurance network and your insurance plan to lower the cost you’ll have to pay.

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