How to Alert Google, Bing & Yahoo of New Posts

Have you ever heard of the term “ping Bing” or “ping Google”?

This essentially means alerting Bing and Google of your latest posts.

Whether you’re new to website development or even if your website is well established, it’s important to let Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines know that you just released a new article. Doing so can allow you to rank in search engines much faster.

Pinging search engines can allow you to rank in just a few minutes

Most of my posts that are pinged immediately after posting will rank in search results within a matter of minutes. This happens on new and old sites alike, whereas not pinging search engines can take up to 2+ months before search engines realize that I’ve released a new post.

How Long Does it Take to Ping a Search Engine?

One of the beautiful things about pinging search engines is that it can be done super fast. In fact, if you’re running WordPress or other platforms similar to WordPress, you will be able to set up your posts to automatically ping the big 3 (Google, Bing & Yahoo) instantly, every time a new post is published. This means no extra manual work will ever be required other than the initial setup.

We’re going to cover this more in detail below.

If you choose to manually ping your articles one by one, it will only take a matter of seconds as well. I’m going to start off by showing you the manual way to ping Google and the other big search engines because I feel like it’s an important thing for all webmasters to know how to do.

1 – How to Manually Ping Google

Pinging Google is a simple process, as long as you have the proper tools set up. As a webmaster, you probably do. All you need is to create a Google Webmaster Tools accounts. It’s free and if you already have an account with Google (Gmail, Analytics, etc.), it’s even easier.

I’m going to assume that your Google Webmaster Tools account is already set up.

First thing to do is to open up your account and go to the website you’re working on. You’ll then want to choose “Crawl” from the left sidebar and then “Fetch as Google”.

how to ping google

From there, you simple need to enter the URL of the web page you want to ping to Google into the URL bar. Be careful to only include the post extension, as Google pre-fills the initial website’s URL. For instance, for our list of sites like LendUp, we would only enter: sites-like-lendup/, not the entire URL (

fetch as google

Once you’ve pinged your URL, you will notice it appear right below. If it was successfully entered, you will have the option to Request Indexing. If this isn’t what you see, verify the URL has been entered correctly and try again in a few minutes. If you see the Request Indexing button, click on it, select to crawl only this URL and press on Go.

how to ping google

how to ping google

This completes the manual process of pinging your web page to Google. You can choose to do this for every new post you publish, which isn’t too long or tedious, but you can also choose to automate this process by reading further below. First we’re going to explain how to do this in Bing.

2 – How to Manually Ping Bing

Pinging Bing is not all that different from pinging Google. In fact, it’s pretty much the same thing.

Begin by creating yourself a Bing Webmaster Tools account.

Once this is done, go to the website you’re working on and choose “Fetch as Bingbot” in the left sidebar under the “Diagnostics & Tools” section.

fetch as bingbot

Upon choosing “Fetch as Bingbot”, you will notice a URL bar similar to Google’s. However, rather than simply entering the post’s extension, Bing requires you to enter the entire link URL. For instance, with our post of sites like Netflix, we would enter the full

bing fetch as bingbot

Once the URL is entered into the bar, simply press on the Fetch button. Unlike Google, you don’t have to request indexing. Simply wait and you will see it appear below with the status “Completed”. Once the status changes to “Completed” your URL has officially been pinged to Bing.

As with Google, you can choose to manually ping each post or you can choose to set it up for automatic pinging in your WordPress backend. That’s what we’re going to be looking at next.

3 – How to Automatically Ping New Posts in WordPress

While pinging Bing and Google is simple and quick, it can become time-consuming if you haven’t been doing it and have hundreds of posts on your website. Also, it adds an extra step for every post you publish, which takes up more time. Forgetting to ping a single post can cause you to lose a ton of traffic for weeks.

For this reason, we recommend making the process automatic.

Automating the process will allow you to ping dozens of search engines & feeds by simply publishing or updating your posts.

Best of all, it’s incredibly easy to automate the process and you don’t even need to install new WordPress plugins to do so. Start by opening up the WordPress backend for the website you want to work on. In the left sidebar, choose “Settings” and then “Writing”.

ping new posts in wordpress

To Ping search engines automatically, you will simply need to scroll down to the bottom of the “Writing” page and locate the “Update Services” box. Inside of that box, you need to paste the following list:

So copy the list above and paste it in the “Update Services” box as shown in the image below. Don’t forget the click on the “Save” button at the bottom. Now, every time you publish or update a post on your website, all of the major search engines and online feeds will be made aware of it.

There may already be some links listed in the box, if so just replace them with the ones in this list unless you manually added them yourself.

ping new posts in wordpress

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