Adults Only: 9 Fun Places to Have an Unforgettable Birthday Party

According to one survey, on average, people stop celebrating their birthday at the age of 31. That means that, for most people, they’ll live through far more uncelebrated birthdays than those they honor.

There’s no reason to stop recognizing your birthday, even as you get older. There are plenty of fun celebratory activities and places to party, no matter your age.

Read on for nine fun places to have a birthday party for adults.

1. At a Theme Park

Theme parks are friendly for all ages, but they make especially good birthday party spots for adults.

Most theme parks have a combination of thrill rides, fun attractions like haunted houses, and food and drinks (including alcoholic drinks). With so much to do, it’s easy to spend hours at a theme park on your birthday, without you or your guests getting bored.

2. On a Yacht or Boat

If you want a memorable celebration, a yacht or boat is one of the best places to have a birthday party. Most people only dream of partying on the water, taking in the views while drinking and dancing.

And depending on your style of celebration, you can choose to have a relaxed boat party or a lively party that lasts all night.

Learn more about yacht adult birthday ideas for inspiration.

3. In an Escape Room

Maybe your idea of a thrill is busting out of an escape room. If so, why not celebrate your birthday in one?

Escape rooms are adult friendly, often even being too difficult for children to crack. So if you want to find a fun place to honor your birthday without worrying about little ones, an escape room is a good choice.

Bring a few friends along to tackle one room together, or bring your whole gang and try competing to see who escapes their room the fastest. Then, go to a nearby restaurant for dinner and cake to end the day.

4. At a Spa

Pamper yourself on your birthday by visiting your local spa. If your spa allows it, book the entire place, and treat your friends to some facials and massages.

Look for services that sound relaxing on your big day. This might include a sauna, skin care, manicures, and more. Also research spa birthday packages in your area. Many spas offer special packages for people on their birthday, including a full course of services plus snacks and champagne.

5. At a Vineyard or Brewery

Vineyards and breweries are good places to have a birthday party if you plan to drink.

But these spots offer a lot more than just beverages. You can learn about the wine or beer you’re enjoying, while taking in the unique atmosphere.

Book a vineyard or brewery with your friends, and sample drinks while celebrating your special day. Just be sure to have a designated driver to ensure everyone gets home safely.

6. At a Park

If you’re looking for free places to have a birthday party, a park is the perfect spot. Many parks offer rental spaces, such as roofed barbecue stations, that you can utilize for your party. In many cases, these spaces are even free to reserve.

If you think a birthday party in the park is unexciting, consider all the things you can do. You can throw a giant picnic with music, play sports with your guests, or grill your own barbecue. With all the space and fresh air, this cheap and easy spot will surely be a hit with everyone you invite.

7. At a Volunteer Event

For those who want to leave a good mark on the world on their birthday, consider inviting your friends to a volunteer event or activity. This could be a fundraising event, a community cleanup, or an open house at your local animal shelter.

Think of a cause you care about and find related opportunities in your area. And before crashing any volunteer event or organization, make sure they welcome large groups of people.

8. In an Art Class

If you love trying arts and crafts, celebrate your birthday with a painting party. Many local art classes are used to holding large painting and wine events, so call one up and see if you can reserve the space for you and your friends.

After your art class is over, consider going on a walking tour of street art in your area before heading to a restaurant for cake and drinks.

9. At Home 

If you’re hesitant to book a space or drag all your friends and family to a public place together, don’t rule out having a party at home. For some, this may be the most practical solution, especially if you have a variety of ages, interests, or physical abilities on your guest list.

A birthday party at home can be just as fun and memorable as a party anywhere else. You can curate a special playlist, gather drinks and snacks, and set out some comfy chairs for people to relax.

You can also try a variety of games and activities such as:

  • home karaoke
  • board game competitions
  • an adult-friendly scavenger hunt
  • bars where people can make their own cocktails and foods, such as tacos
  • hosting a backyard movie night
  • games like charades and Pictionary

Fun Places to Have a Birthday Party for Adults

No matter what age you’re turning, there’s no reason to not celebrate your birthday. Try one of these fun places to have a birthday party for adults to have the memorable bash you deserve.

For more fun party ideas, check out our other entertainment articles!

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