A Complete Online Betting Guide: How to Start Sports Betting

Sports gambling is the next big thing in the U.S. You may have placed odd bets on sports here and there, but it doesn’t mean that it was legal.

Billions illegally bet on sports every year. College football has between $60-$70 billion wagered. Another $8 billion is bet on the Super Bowl.

Now that the doors are opening across the country for placing legal sports bets online, you’ll need to know how to start betting like a pro. Read this online betting guide that will give you the inside scoop on the world to online sports bets.

Is Sports Betting Legal?

The first question that gets asked is whether or not online sports betting is legal or illegal in the U.S. You’re certainly seeing a huge increase in ads from sports betting companies like DraftKings.

For the longest time, Nevada was the only place in the country where you could place a sports bet. That has changed dramatically in the last year. That’s because the State of New Jersey contested a federal law all the way to the Supreme Court and won.

It’s completely up to the states to pass legislation to legalize sports betting. You’re starting to see that in West Virginia, Delaware, and Pennsylvania.

New York just legalized sports betting, but not online wagering as of yet. As states legalize sports betting, they’re likely to start with in-person bets first and then move on to mobile and online betting.

If you’re not in a state that has legalized sports betting yet, you could lobby your state legislators to get a bill passed. You can also visit a state that has legalized gambling to make it work.

If you think that you can just use a VPN to bypass any location blocks, think again. It doesn’t work. You have to be in the state that has legalized online sports betting.

What’s Your Bankroll?

Before you start placing bets, you want to have a gambling budget set aside. This could be considered play money to start with. As you get more experience betting on sports, you can be more strategic with your bets and expect to make money.

The main thing to remember is that you want to set aside a budget that’s big enough to bet on a number of games and small enough so that it doesn’t make you broke.

Pick Your Sport

What sport should you bet on? That depends on your interests. You can bet on anything rm hockey to This online betting guide will cover the basics of betting on a couple of sports, so you can start placing bets with confidence.

Betting on Soccer

With the major European leagues gearing up for a new season, you should know the basics of betting on soccer. You can bet on any league from Spain’s La Liga to England’s Premier League.

Win – Draw – Win

This is the most basic soccer bet. This is seen as the Home Team vs. Away team – 1 (9.00) x (2.5) 2 (1.25)

The 1 means that if you bet on the home team, you’ll win at 9.00 odds should they pick up the win. An x is if the teams tie. If you bet on them to draw, you’ll win at 2.5 odds. If you bet on the away team, which is favored, you’ll win at 1.25 odds.

The Over/Under

Betting on the over/under is very similar to betting the over/under on football games. In a particular match, you will see two ways to bet. The over is 3.5 goals and the under is 3.5 goals. You can bet that the match will have more or less than 3.5 goals.

There won’t be whole numbers because this will mean that you will win or lose one way or another. If the over/under was 3 and the teams combined to score three goals, it would be a push and no one would win.

Betting on Football

It’s no secret that betting on football is big money. Here are two basic ways you can bet on football.

Against the Point Spread

One team is almost always more likely to win than another. That’s how the point spread is created. It’s like a handicap given to the underdog to make a bet more intriguing.

For example, if the Patriots were going to play the Browns, the Pats would be favored based on last year’s record. The point spread may be 10 points, which would give the Browns 10 points to add on to their score for you to win the bet.

The Pats would have to win by 10 to “cover the spread.” You may want to just put money down on the underdog because they have the point spread.

You’ll want to do your research, such as visiting this site to get the latest information before you put your bet down.

Betting the Moneyline

You can also bet the Moneyline in football. This is really simple. You’re just betting on the winner. It doesn’t matter if they win by one or one hundred.

Other Types of Wagers

There are several types of wagers that are common across all sports. These are proposition bets, in-game betting, and futures.

Proposition Bets

Have you ever bet on events in a game, such as who’s going to score the first touchdown? That’s a proposition or prop bet.

A prop bet is betting on any event in the game, from who’s going to score first to how many interceptions will Eli Manning throw in a game.

In-Game Live Betting

One fun aspect of online sports betting is the in-game betting. Sportsbooks will let you place bets while a game is being played.


Betting on futures can be a fun bet. You can bet on anything like who’s going to win the Super Bowl before the season starts.

You can also bet on the winner of any league, such as Liverpool winning the Premier League this season.

Online Betting Guide to Get Started

As online betting becomes legalized across the country, you’re going to want to get started right away. You want to pick your sport and the type of bets you want to place.

You also want to do your research before you blow your bankroll on a bad bet. If you follow the tips in this online betting guide, you’ll be on your way to betting like a pro gambler.

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