7 Tips to Know When Buying Your First Gun

If you’re thinking about buying your first gun, there are a few things you should know. Lucky for you, this article outlines some important tips for buying a gun for first-timers. Let’s get right into it. 

7 Things You Should Know Before Buying Your First Gun

You’re doing the right thing by searching how to buy a gun before jumping into your purchase. Here are some helpful tools to get you pointed in the right direction.

1. What Will You Use it For?

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a first-time gun buyer is not having a plan for the use of the gun. Are you purchasing this weapon for home protection, hunting, or leisure? Knowing why you are buying a gun is the most important factor in making a smart purchase.

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2. Practice Makes Perfect

Before you decide what type of gun to buy, or even if you already have one picked out, it’s a good idea to hit the shooting range. Ask the range if they have any models such as your prospect that you can try out to ensure that you are capable of handling this type of weapon.

3. Concealed Carry Weapons

If you’re planning to buy a concealed carry weapon, the weight and size of the gun must be considered. Of course, the smaller the gun, the easier it is to conceal. Besides, you want to be sure you have the strength to use it from this position.

4. How Much Do You Intend to Spend?

Price is a consideration when deciding where to buy a gun. Gun shows are a great starting point for beginners because you can get a great deal. If money isn’t a factor, any reputable gun dealer can educate you on the nuances of the different pricing.

5. Avoid Used Guns

Just as with any machine or tool, lemons do exist. This is often the case with guns that have been traded or pawned so it’s best to avoid buying used.

6. Consider the Size of the Gun

So, what gun is best for beginners?

Many women start out with small-caliber handguns such as a light pistol. Men, on the other hand, may opt for a sizeable weapon such as a hunting rifle or 9mm. Whether you’re buying a gun for protection or otherwise, the size matters so don’t think you can just buy any firearm without testing it out first. 

7. Follow Your Gut

Your friends or family may try to convince you to purchase a particular type of gun for one reason or another. Don’t be tempted or persuaded to buy something just because they recommend it. Follow your gut and make an informed and educated purchase.

Closing Thoughts

Buying your first gun is a big deal that requires a level of precaution not usually considered with other purchases of this magnitude. Be responsible; follow these tips to ensure that you are taking the proper first steps toward gun ownership.

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