7 Things You Need to Know About Having Safer Sex

Many of us face the issue of wanting to have sex while simultaneously wanting to avoid pregnancy and STDs. It’s always best to be as smart and safe as possible, but you can only be prepared when you understand your options. 

We’re going to explore the safest way to have sex while still enjoying yourself today. Hopefully, you can gather some tips and ideas for your personal sex life. 

Let’s get started.

The Safest Way to Have Sex: Ideas for the Bedroom

We’ll take a look at seven different ideas that will make your sex life safer. Naturally, the goal is to have fun without worrying constantly about safety. That said, throwing caution to the wind is never a good idea. 

It’s important to come into sexual situations with a game plan and some preparation. The following tips should help you out. 

1. If You’re a Female, Research Birth Control

Birth control can be a really hard thing for some women to use. It seems harmless and typically is promoted that way, but the truth is that everyone will respond differently to different forms of birth control. 

It’s important that you take time choosing the best for you and speak at length with a doctor or gynecologist about how you might be affected. 

2. If You’re a Male, Wear a Condom

If there are some excuses floating around your head as to why you don’t need to wear a condom, you can throw those ideas back into the 1930s where they belong. 

Safe sex, especially with people you haven’t known for long and haven’t been tested, should always involve a condom. When you’re in a relationship and you’ve both been tested, different forms of birth control might provide enough protection for your liking. 

Otherwise, wear a condom. If you’re interested in throwing caution to the wind and your partner is not, it’s never okay to persuade them in favor of having unprotected sex. 

3. Get Tested

STDs are all too often discovered when people go out and get a test. Sleeping with people you don’t know very well always runs the risk of transmitting an STD. 

Get tested and ask the people you sleep with to do so as well. 

4. Understand Transmission

Sex isn’t the only way to transmit STDs. Oral sex and other ways to engage sexually can transmit diseases as well. 

Do some research and identify the means of transmission as well as the signs and symptoms of common sexually transmitted diseases.

5. Double Down on Measures

It’s never a bad idea to use two forms of birth control at one time, so long as they don’t cancel each other out. Never wear two condoms at one time, for example. 

Female and male birth control used at once can significantly reduce the already marginal chance of pregnancy. 

6. Know the One You’re With

It’s unreasonable to think that you’ll know the deepest darkest secrets of everyone you sleep with. Sometimes the feeling strikes and you sleep with a person you don’t know extremely well. 

That said, it’s best to know a little about the person. For example, you might want to know how often they sleep with other people. Those questions can be uncomfortable, but they’re important to ask when you’re thinking of your health. 

7. Communicate and Trust

At the end of the day, knowing and trusting the person you’re sleeping with will really help cut down on the transmission of STDs and pregnancies. 

Talk about the birth control you’re going to use, communicate how you prefer to have sex and your boundaries when it comes to taking risks. When you talk things through and make a plan, you’re much safer. 

Need More Advice?

The safest way to have sex involves communicating with your partner. Following the methods above will help you to ensure you have the safest sex possible.

If you’re in need of more advice on life, love, and more, explore our site.  

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