6 Dirty Signs It’s Time for Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

When you’re looking to cut down on business costs, it might surprise you to learn that commercial air duct cleaning is a helpful way to do this!

Dirty air ducts in your business can cause illnesses to your employees, resulting in them taking more sick days. They can also cause unexpected bills. It can even become a fire hazard if you leave it too long.

Save your business money in the long run by making sure you hire professional air duct cleaning services every few months. Keep reading to learn the six signs of dirty air ducts, which will tell you when it’s time to call the professionals. 

1. You Haven’t Changed Your Air Filters for a While

Air duct filters should be changed every few months, so if you can’t remember when last you did it, it was too long ago. Taking too long between changing air filters can result in dust and dirt buildup. 

For more information about why regular commercial air duct cleaning is vital, check out https://www.industrialmech.com/commercial-duct-cleaning-is-vital/.

2. Mold and Dirt Around Your Air Ducts

If you’re seeing signs of dirt or mold near your air vents, it’s time for a professional clean. These signs can look like dirty or dusty vent covers, or mold growing near your ducts.

Mold isn’t always visible to the eye. Make sure you’re on the lookout for symptoms of mold exposure. If you notice your employees are suffering from respiratory issues regularly, it might be due to ongoing exposure to mold in the air. 

Employees getting sick from mold and dirt exposure leads to them taking more sick days per year. So while it is an extra cost to your business, commercial air duct cleaning services will save your business money in the long run. 

3. Weird Smells

The air coming from your ducts should not have a smell. If there are weird smells coming from your vents, it’s a sign that there’s something in your air ducts that shouldn’t be there. 

4. Power Bill Increase

If your company’s power bill is going up, but you’re not using any more electricity than normal, it means your HVAC system is working harder. This could be resulting from clogged vents or filters. An air duct cleaning should get your energy usage back to normal. 

5. Rodents or Bugs in the Ducts

Small creatures like to find their way into duct systems. They make nests, leave behind droppings, and damage your air quality. Regular cleaning makes sure that ducts are cleared of dirt they’ve left behind, and any critters are identified and disrupted from trying to settle. 

Without regular cleaning, these few bugs or rodents can become an infestation. This brings health hazards and structural damage risks to your building, both of which will be costly to repair. 

6. Lack of Airflow

Your airflow is disrupted when the ducts are blocked by something. This is usually a buildup of dust and dirt. Cleaning your air ducts will allow the airflow to go back to normal. 

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

Commercial air duct cleaning helps save your business money in the long run. Knowing when to clean air ducts is a great way to keep your employees healthy, and reduce your company’s bills overall. 

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