5 Tips for Living Well With Diabetes

It’s estimated that one out of every 10 people in the U.S. has diabetes, with one out of every three people having prediabetes. While this condition is common, there are still people who struggle to manage it.

However, it is possible to live a full and happy life with this condition. Keep reading for some tips on living well with diabetes.

1. Drink Don’t Eat

If your blood sugar is high, it can suppress your sense of thirst. It may make you think you are hungry when all you need is something to drink.

When you have a between-meal craving, drink a glass of water first. Wait about 20 minutes to see if you are still hungry. If the urge doesn’t subside, it means you really are hungry.

2. Manage Your Stress

Stress can have a negative effect on diabetes. Try to relax and slow down when possible.

If necessary, add medication to your routine. You will even find saving money is possible when you reduce your stress and take the right medications.

You can also get active. If you take a walk, it can help you unwind. The beneficial effects of this can last for hours.

3. Eat Plenty of Fiber

An effective way to control blood sugar and weight are by getting the recommended 25 to 35 grams of fiber today. It has been proven that most diabetics are not eating enough fiber. Most are getting less than half the recommendation.

Getting plenty of fiber doesn’t mean loading up on unhealthy foods. Things like apples and spinach have plenty of fiber and are good for you.

4. Learn More About Your Condition

If you have diabetes, learning self-management strategies is a must. This is going to help you reduce symptoms and live better.

You can also talk to your doctor and ask them to recommend resources that may help you with this. If you have a new health concern, be sure you talk to your doctor about how it may impact your diabetes and what you can do to reduce this impact.

5. Keep Moving

Staying active is essential. In fact, if you are overweight when you are diagnosed with diabetes, the simple act of losing weight can help you overcome the condition.

If you need a bit of motivation, try peppermint. It has been proven that peppermint can help to boost energy, which makes exercise feel easier.

Now You Know the Secrets to Living Well with Diabetes

As you can see from the information above, there are more than a few steps you can take to manage your condition. When it comes to living well with diabetes, use the tips here to achieve the desired results.

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